Friday, June 30, 2017

New Music: Ugochi Odu - DoReMi

Think on it for a moment,
Ever seen anyone as detailed as The Creator?
Can anyone do all He's done for you? Or if you're stingy with your memories, for someone else?
There's a reason why we're unapologetic about our praise; if we don't praise Him, WHO will we praise???!?!?!

Ugochi Odu, an upcoming gospel artiste, who is very passionate about having the whole world give God undignified, unified praise, brings you this one as we launch into the greater and better second half of the year.

Kit up with praise and get your victory mode activated. SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN for crazy God-praisers. Things are happening for some already.
You are next in line!!!!!

#Here to sing-er Jehovah


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