Tuesday, October 11, 2016

‘I Can Act Nude’ – Popular Ghanaian Actor Says

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sun, award-winning Ghanaian actor, Frank Artus, who is born to an Egyptian father and Liberian mother, has spoken out on his secret daughter, why he can act nude in a movie, his most embarrasing moment as a popular celebrity and much more.

Below are excerpts from the chat;

Who is the real Frank Artus?
Frank Artus is a quiet and intelligent person by nature. He is more like an introvert; I’m not a sociable kind of person. I always stay indoor. I go out once in a while. Somebody met me one day and said: ‘Please, Frank, take me to this club’. Then I said: ‘I don’t know’. He was like ‘you live in Ghana and you don’t know?’

We are surprised to hear that you have a daughter. Did you have a secret marriage?
I don’t like to discuss my relationship in the public. I’m cool with that but I do have a daughter.

How do you feel bringing your daughter into entertainment?
I encourage my children to do whatever they desire, provided I’m going to guide them. I tell my children the positive and negative sides of everything. And I will guide them through it.

How do you feel being a father?
I feel awesome. Responsibility is huge (laughs), sometimes it is choking but at the end of the day, you will get to enjoy it, most especially when you see that your children are doing extremely well in school.

What is your greatest achievement in Nollywood?
My greatest achievement is having many fans. When I go to places, people tend to recognise me. I think that is one of the greatest things I have achieved. Before coming to Nollywood, I would go to places and people would not recognise me. But now they recognise me any where I go.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you?
Two of my fans in America tattooed my name on the back of their hands. I actually thought it was a fake tattoo, but later I realised it was real. And guess what, it’s not just a small tattoo; it is huge.

What is the craziest thing a female fan has done to you?
Apart from always demanding sex from you as an entertainer, which you don’t have to give them, you have to work with the flow. It is not as if you are going to tell them that what they want is what you are going to give them, but you have to be very flexible with them in their demands, because they are fans and they are the ones who keep you in the market.

Your fans see you as a s*x symbol. Did you set out to be a s*x symbol?
Obviously not, sometimes my friend will say‘people see you like this but they don’t even know you’. That is how it should be. And that is why I don’t want the youth to look at me as such. And that’s why I said they shouldn’t copy what I do in movies. No, that is not me, it is just a character.

Can you act nude?
It depends on the script. There should be a reason for it.

A woman recently accused you of defrauding her, what do you have to say?
She has already apologised, so there is no need to comment on it.

A lot of fans look up to you. What advice would you give to them?
I will advise them not to copy what I do in movies. What I act in movies is not the real me. There is a difference between what I do on screen and my personal life.

Frank is a crazy guy on screen and everybody knows that, so they should try and follow my personal lifestyle and not what I do in movies.

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