Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Introducing Fourwalls: Exclusive Mobile Marketplace For College Students (@Fourwallers)

Getting into the higher institution usually represents the zenith of education aspirations for an average Nigerian youth, be it a University, College of Education or Polytechnic. Before they get in, expectations are filled with frivolous fantasies but are faced with the actual reality when they eventually gain admission. They have to contend with the rancor of settling into completely new way of life while juxtaposing it with staying afloat with their hectic educational schedule. To put it in the simplest relate-able phrase "COLLEGE LIFE IS VERY TOUGH"!!!

As a newbie on campus, you have to tastefully furnish your habitation space which can range from a tiny hostel room that you have to share with several other JJC's* like you (and not forgetting innumerable squatters) to a privately owned apartment depending on what school you are in. Then, there is the challenge of catching up with prevailing campus trends and gist so you can be termed as a "cool cat"*. Finally, there is the ultimate challenge, getting your grades up to speed to the vested interest of your guardians, family and...ermm...your community (lol). On the flipside, you have to stay afloat on whatever allowance you get from your guardian no matter how much considering these challenges that persist right till your graduation day from college.

Online Marketplace for Students

Seeing how nobody really cares about the perks of college life , we conceived FOURWALLS; a mobile marketplace exclusively for college students that allows them buy, sell and trade items amongst themselves. The essence of Fourwalls is to provide cheaper alternatives to students on scarce commodities. Promoting sustainability, this platform would reduce the good items been thrown away by students at the end of every semester and most importantly when they eventually graduate. Perhaps the book or pressing iron that is being thrown away may just be what a freshman in the same college is looking to buy for his/her studies or domestic need but because of the high cost of acquiring one or unavailability of a platform like this, he misses an opportunity. It serves as an avenue for a student to earn some cash on his/her unneeded item while also enabling them learn first-hand how to run a small business.

Online Security is Paramount

It is a common standpoint if we say that the security apparatus on the internet and most online platforms is very weak. Students represent a very vulnerable market share that stand the risk of being defrauded of their items or meeting strangers and faceless individuals who may seek to do them harm on these other marketplaces. That is why Fourwalls employs very strict verification processes where every potential user must provide a valid means of identification buttressing their status as a student before joining the platform. This way we can a 99.9 percent assurance that Fourwalls would be the most secure platform for students from Africa on the internet.

Transactions on the go

Being a mobile application, it ensures that students can carry out transactions whether in the convenience of their rooms or in the course of a boring lecture (lol... not like we encourage that anyways). To deliver that optimum trading experience for users, Fourwalls employs features like in-app messaging, making offers and counter offers, location tracking, seller and buyer reviews etc while giving users up to seven(7) free posting allowance per month. These offers a user experience that is unparalleled with its exciting and simple user interface that ensures that navigation through the app is seamless.

Being Social is just as important

Trading sounds fun already, yes! Fourwalls is out to offer the ultimate college experience. We understand that in college, being cool and socially included is just as important as educational sharpness. Students can join their college conversations with the 'Pulse' feed that allows them post and ask questions on anything as it relates to their campus. Fourwalls also allows users to conduct polls on various issues of interest from educational to social ones. Creating and promoting on and off campus events or gigs cannot be easier than with the fourwalls app. All this helps foster a sense of community and inclusiveness where your voice as a student is heard in your campus community without the noise of public social networks.

We hope to create a network eventually where students in Nigeria and rest of Africa can collaborate and trade amongst each other while sharing information and innovations.

User feedback is most welcome

Fourwalls has a dedicated user feedback portal that is active 24-7. This way the team can handle any query or pertinent issues while looking for ways to better processes and improve on the app.

#Fourwallsapp would be ready for roll out by the end of August, when every android users would be able to download for free on their mobile phones from the google Play store. Students can pre-register for download and nominate their schools for rollout on www.myfourwalls.org .

Discover. Earn. Secure.


Watch Fourwalls Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGD-tYBGE2c

*JJC - Johnny Just Come

A person new to a system. A slang for a newbie, freshman etc.

*Cool cat - A person viewed as a social model because of his/her attractive sense of style and charisma.


INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/fourwallsapp

TWITTER - www.twitter.com/fourwallers

FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/mobilefourwallsapp

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