Monday, July 18, 2016

Mum Spends 15 Days With Her Stillborn Baby, Shares Touching Family Photos

Lynsey Bell's baby Rory was stillborn after she suffered pre-eclampsia and she shares her heartbreaking memories of the tragedy and time with her "precious boy". She shared her story and photos of family album...

"For 15 days as I recovered, we saw Rory as much as we wanted".

"My only fear was letting him get too warm". ‘Put him back’ I told Mark (Husband) if I felt we'd cuddled him too long. I wanted to preserve my boy for as long as we possibly could.

When it was time for me to be discharged, we visited Rory in the hospital ward and then in the funeral home, and then we took him back to our family.

"For one special night, we did everything we would have done during his first year. We cuddled him in bed, we read him stories and we changed and bathed him".

"Our families came to say goodbye, each taking a turn for one last cuddle".

"Now, Rory is buried alongside my granddad in a cemetery near where we live".

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