Tuesday, July 05, 2016

FOR MEN: 18 Things Women Love Most About Sex (Part 1)

If you think the average woman see sex as just another chore that they have to perform to keep you satisfied, then you are still living in the stone age.

Research has revealed that a whopping 90% of the modern day woman thinks and enjoy sex as much as men and there are particularly certain aspects of the act that she loves better than the rest.

SexVille Tuesday brings you the 18 things women love most about sex. So when next you take your woman under the sheets, have these in mind.

1. The making out part

There is no woman who is not turned on with kissing, Frenching, snugging, sucking and, believe or not, these are the prime mover of the sex world. It can make or break the chances of things going further.

Nothing is a bigger turnoff than kissing someone who is haphazard, sloppily drunk, or who is blind to body language. Strike a balance with the tongue: give as much as she gives and do not, for the life of Eros, the Goddess of Sex, dribble on her.

2. Nibbling
Do you want to get your woman all wet and ready? Then start up top. Sucking and biting the neck and ear feels incredible, as long as you don’t linger too long or make it become a bite. You want your lady to look like she’s been with a master lover, not an amateur still trying to feel his way in the world of sex.

3. The look in your eyes

A woman likes to look into your eyes when you are doing things to her. She could have her eyes shut but in truth, she is boring into your eyes to see if what you are doing to her is just mechanical or you are really interested in giving her the pleasure.

4. Undressing ever so slowly

When a woman is aroused, she’s confident about the way she looks, and confidence is an attractive trait in a partner. When she's secure enough to undress piece by teasing piece, the hot factor increases exponentially.

5. The rule of the Nipple

Women have tits, and they like you to play with them, suck on them and maybe even tease them with your teeth. Their nipples are also often very sensitive, so give her th=ime of her life by spending a lot of time with them. You will be glad you did!

6. Foreplay please. If you are in the category of men who just jump on a woman once you have a hard on, please sit back and have a rethink. Women, all women, love foreplay and unless it is a quickie, you will turn her off by being in such a hurry.

Let her luxuriate in the physical attention you give her body. So get exploring.

7. Worship of the clitIn this part, most men think it is a taboo to worship a woman's clit and they do everything to avoid it. But just as you would give an arm to get you phallus sucked by your woman, she also expect you to pay attention to her clitoris.

A very large number of women do not get vaginal orgasms, no matter how rocking their men are, nor how hard they work. So a man who enthusiastically and expertly manipulates the clitoris will achieve the best of results. So go the extra mile to find it and work on it and she will worship you in turn.

8. Seeing her man get aroused

A woman in love loves the idea that she can get her man aroused and interested in having sex with her. It is an exhilarating turn on for a woman to know that she has the ability to get her man ready for her and her sexy feelings can be roused by seeing your getting horny for her.

9. Being naked with her man

There is something erotic when a woman sees her man naked beside her without feeling any sign of inhibition. There is something highly erotic about simply being unclothed and vulnerable.

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