Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monica Ogah Raises Campaign For False Murder Accusation On Upcoming Act By Nigerian Police

One of the winners of MTN Project Fame, Monica Ogah has begun an appeal to fans to come to the aid of rising music act, John Inas, who is currently facing a murder cum robbery charge.

Ogah took to her Instagram account on Monday, June 13, 2016 to explain what her 'investigation' has yielded regarding the alleged charges against Inas by the Nigerian Police.

In her post, which was accompanied by Inas' pictures, she wrote, "This just came to my notice and I made sure I got the real story before I posted this (Important)."

John Inas is reportedly being charged wrongly for murder and robbery by the Nigerian Police (Facebook)

Continuing, she wrote, 'A Benue artiste INAS (John Inas) has been in police custody since Wednesday 1st of June after being arrested for going home late after a video shoot... He was bailed on Friday night with the sum of #20,000. But was told to come back on Saturday for the collection of his phone since the policeman in possession of the phone had gone home.

'The next day when he went to collect the phone, the policeman told him not to disturb him about the phone or he'll rearrest him. The boy continued begging the policeman and the policeman told him to sit and wait for him. After 4 hours of waiting for him, the policeman handcuffed him and sent him along with 2 other boys arrested the night before to the state police headquarters (CID department) on a new charge of Homicide(murder), armed robbery and conspiracy.

'The clips of the video and behind the scenes pictures of the video shoot have been presented to the police but because of the weight of the allegations made by the policeman, the case has been sent to court.

'As I write this, tomorrow morning, INAS is going to be tried in court for a murder case he knows nothing about. He needs your prayers. Please share this information because this issue is really unfair,' she wrote.

Inas' profile on Facebook revealed that he studied Zoology at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi and lives in Makurdi North, Benue State.

He is also a rising music act plying his trade in Benue with songs that include Mama Yeh and Benue Stars Remix to his credit.

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