Friday, May 06, 2016

The Bush family in the USA won't endorse Donald Trump

Former United States presidents, George H.
W. Bush and George W. Bush will not endorse
Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, aides
have told local media.
This marks a first for the 91-year-old former
president Bush, who had endorsed
Republicans in the past five elections, the
BBC reports.
Republican politicians are struggling to define
their support, or lack thereof, for Mr.Trump.
Mr. Trump’s remaining opponents dropped out
earlier this week leaving him as the
presumptive Republican nominee.
Both Bush men had previously campaigned
this year for former Florida Governor, Jeb
Bush, who exited the race in February.
They had each supported past Republican
presidential nominees – John McCain in 2008
and Mitt Romney in 2012.
Although neither former president has openly
attacked Mr. Trump or his policy proposals,
George W. Bush made a veiled criticism at a
campaign event for his younger brother
saying, “The strongest person usually isn’t the
loudest one in the room.”
“I understand that Americans are angry and
frustrated. But we do not need someone in
the Oval Office who mirrors and inflames our
anger and frustration,” he told the South
Carolina audience.

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