Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Donald Trump: Ex Victoria Zdrok Mocks Him For Bragging About Giving ‘Best Orgasms

Victoria Zdrok Disses Donald Trump
Yikes! Donald Trump’s exes are coming out of the woodwork to talk about their experiences with the businessman-turned-reality star-turned-GOP candidate, and former Playboy model Victoria Zdrok’s account is the funniest yet. She totally shut down his claim that his gives the ‘best orgasms!’

This is as hilarious as it is cringe-worthy! Donald Trump’s ex-girlfriend Dr. Victoria Zdrok – a former Playboy bunny and current psychologist – recounts a time when he told her he gives “the best orgasms.” You have to read her hilarious reaction to his creepy statement, here!

Victoria went on several dates with Donald back when she was a Playboy model, and it sounds like they were pretty excruciating! “He just loves to talk about which women are in love with him and always calling him,” said Victoria in an interview with Chaunce Hayden. “He loves to talk about how women are chasing him all the time, which doesn’t make a girl feel special on a date. The other thing he talks about is what a great lover he is. He said to me, ‘Once you made love to me, you’ll never be able to make love to anybody else.'” Um… gross! You can stream music ad-free and unlimited, RIGHT HERE! Luckily, that never happened for Victoria. She chose to stay away from Donald’s bedroom. When Chaunce asked her if they ever slept together, she said “No, because I wouldn’t be another notch on his belt. We made out a little bit and that’s it. I just couldn’t relax with him because he never lets his hair down.” Lol…good one

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