Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Apple iPhone 7: Are These The First Pics Of The Highly-Anticipated Next Handset?

New iPhone 7 Pics

New photos of what might be the official new iPhone 7 were released on May 16, and the cell is looking pretty sleek and sexy, but definitely different than we were expecting based on recent renderings Apple has released. We have all the details, right here!
Well, this isn’t what we were expecting! Chinese website Weibo released some images that are supposedly of the new iPhone 7 set to launch in Sept. 2016, according to mobipicker.com, and they’re a little different from some of the official renderings from Apple. You can stream as much music as you want ad-free and unlimited.

The first major difference we noticed is that Apple made it seem like there would no longer be a bump where the camera lens is, but there’s clearly a raised metal ring in the leaked image of a brushed gold iPhone. That doesn’t bother us too much though, because the rest of the phone is super sleek and slim. We love the design!

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