Thursday, March 24, 2016

Woman, Two Men Flogged For Adultery In Indonesia (Photos)

Cowering on her knees after being whipped across the back, this Indonesian woman has just been caned in public for having s3x outside marriage. The young woman was brought to the public stage in Banda Aceh and forced down on to her knees by two guards.

A masked man then repeatedly canes her across the back as she clenches her fists and appears to bite her veil while receiving her punishment.

The woman can also been seen crying out in agony, and after the punishment is over, she has to be led away on a stretcher for treatment.

A public caning is just one of the punishments handed out to people breaking Sharia law in Banda Aceh, the only province in Indonesia, where it is still followed closely.

Pictures also show crowds gathering to watch another two men also receive the same punishment for having s3x outside of marriage.

One man can be seen grimacing as the cane strikes his back while another tries to balance on crutches as he receives his punishment.

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