Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Photos: Vlogger’s Face Gets Completely Swollen After Trying A Particular Hair Dye (You Won’t Believe The Outcome)

 A popular health and fitness vlogger who shared her weight loss journey with fans recently shared startling photos of an unexpected allergic reaction.

Earlier this month 35-year-old Chemese Armstrong of Abilene, Texas wanted to dye the roots of her natural hair black after noticing that the she was experiencing graying.

With that in mind, the vlogger consulted a dermatologist who suggested that she try Henna, a temporary plant-based dye, because Chemese suffers from a paraphenylenediamine allergy which is found in permanent hair dye. Chemese then tried Henna and it was downhill after that…

‘On Saturday, March 5, 2016 I had an allergic reaction to having my hair dye with Henna. This was done at a hair salon in Austin. I’m allergic to Paraphenylenediamine (or PPD). It is a dark dye used in almost every hair colour on the market, regardless of brand. The darker the color, usually the higher the concentration. More than two-thirds of hair dyes currently contain PPD or related chemicals. I wanted my hair jet black to cover up my grey hair. I was told the Henna was all natural and chemical free but that wasn’t the case. I’m doing much better now but still recovering’.

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