Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Photos: Migrant Filmed Setting Himself On Fire In Protest At Refugee Camp

A desperate refugee has set himself on fire in protest at European border closures. The man can be seen running, with his sweatshirt and jeans ablaze, through the sprawling encampment at Idomeni near Greece's border with Macedonia border.

The flames were put out by other refugees and the young man was taken to hospital.

Greek police said his injuries were not life-threatening.

Other refugees were also pictured apparently setting themselves alight. Their desperate actions came as part of daily protests held since last week's agreement between the leaders of the European Union and Turkey to drastically limit the number of refugees and migrants reaching Europe.

The border between Greece and Macedonia was closed earlier this month, leaving thousands stranded as they tried to journey down the Balkan migration route.

Around 12,000 asylum seekers continue to camp out in the mud at Idomeni in the hope the frontier might reopen. The incident came as the UN’s refugee agency said it was suspending some of its operations in protest at asylum seekers being held in "mandatory detention".

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