Friday, January 01, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: German Police Warn Of Imminent Terror Attack In Munich

Police in the German city of Munich have warned of an imminent terror attack  and have asked people to avoid crowds.

The police tweeted that the city's main station and Pasing station had been evacuated and said trains were no longer stopping there.

In a Facebook post, authorities said they had "serious information" that the attack had been planned for New Year's Eve. They gave no further details.

Cities across Europe are already on a heightened state of alert.

"Current indications show that a terror attack is being planned in Munich. Please avoid gatherings of people and the Munich and Pasing train stations," police said in the tweet.

Munich newspaper TZ reported that police believed several groups of attackers could strike at different locations in the city.

Police said they had two pieces of information about a possible attack, German media reported.

"We have concrete information that we cannot sweep under the carpet," Bild newspaper quoted a police spokesperson as saying.

Local media reports say the information had come from French authorities.

Armed police have cordoned off the main station and asked people nearby to leave the area, TZ reported.

The newspaper quoted a spokesperson as saying the situation was "comparable to that in Hannover" in November, when a football match between Germany and the Netherlands was called off after what Hannover police called a "concrete security threat".

"We want to minimise the risk as much as possible," the spokesperson told the newspaper

Source: BBC

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