Thursday, January 21, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Death Toll Of Lassa Fever Reaches 4 In Nigeria

The Lassa fever, or Lassa virus, is borne from the droppings and urine of infected rats known as the natal multimammate mouse. This rodent, if flipped over, can be identified by its numerous breasts.

The chairman of the Plateau State chapter of the Medical and Health Workers Union, Badun Dalyop, disputed the death toll.

“The statistics given by the Ministry of Health indicates that as of the latest count two persons had died of Lassa fever in the State,” Mr. Dalyop claimed.

The chairman went on to explain that the State was conducting training sessions for health workers in order to educate them about the methods to combat the disease.

Thus far the disease has spread to 17 States within Nigeria.

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