Monday, December 28, 2015

TD Jakes Replies People Who Called Him A Sinner For Wearing Ripped Jeans

So Bishop TD Jakes wore this heaven-loving ripped jeans and some over sabi fans think he was trying to follow a worldly trend and asked him not to repeat it another time telling him he is supposed to be a role model.

The Bishop who then saw one of the messages then politely replied the fan by asking him to tell him the part of the Bible that forbids him from wearing one. Then another fan helped the first fan to quote one and the drama began.

See their messages, how the Bishop replied, all after the cut. Y’ll need to take it easy, loool. Who doesn’t like a ripped jeans? LOL.

Then another fan helped the first hater fan quote a scripture

The Bishop replies again

Then another fan stepped in....

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