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A Nigerian-born UK based gospel artist, Columbus Ikeh-Chikweh has identified Gospel Music as a powerful tool for the much desired change the country craves at this time. He reckoned that Gospel music has the potential to impact good morals and religious tolerance that has become the bane of the society.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Columbus Ikeh Chikwem from Ehime Mbano in Imo state south east Nigeria. I lived my early life in Okigwe where I had my primary education the State Primary School,and later moved to Imo Barracks Primary School. While at Okigwe I lived with a catholic priest at St Marys Catholic Church and functioned as an altar boy at St Marys Catholic church. I wanted to become a priest, about fifty five candidates that sat for the entrance to Holy Ghost Juniorate , Ihiala only three of us got the admission from Okigwe. I attended the seminary for a couple of years, eventually left and finished at St Aquinas Secondary School, Osu Mbano.

What was growing up like for you as a young man with music ambition, how supportive was your family?
Soon after my secondary education, I started trading went to Lagos with my little savings I made as a student bought Lionel Richie and Michael Jacksons posters travelled back sold them. A certain medical doctor said to me if I framed the pictures he would buy them for so much which I did and that gave me employment until I eventually went to the Federal Polytechnic, Oko to study Mass communication. I shuttled between my school and Republic Benin to buy fairly used clothes to sell at school to enable me pay my school fees and other things. At the Polytechnic then I intermittently did music. I graduated and served at Sobi Baracks Ilorin Kwara State. I also did a musical project then as a Corps member which I titled then Good Morning Nigeria. At the end of the service I was awarded a certificate of commendation for Hard Work and Industry and also was part of the team that represented Kwara State Chapter of NYSC at the International Youth Global conference held at Nicon Noga Hotel in 1994. I am by Gods grace involved right now in the preaching of the gospel our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in word and music (gospel artiste)

Did you have a special encounter with God before you finally decided to go gospel?

I gave my life to Jesus on 6th of November, 1994 at the Yipata permanent orientation camp. I am still looking for the brother that led me to the Lord. It was a remarkable event for me. And that marked a turning point in my life and everything. Everything changed; my lifestyle, direction etc. So much so that the lady I was to marry who was in the USA then got a letter from me, announcing my new life in Christ. I remember telling her if she was not born again we could not continue that relationship that was very drastic. Obviously my thinking had changed I started attending bible believing churches though it was tough, but like the biblical Nicodemus I knew it was way to go and that gospel music was going to be new found experience and expression. To be candid I am forever grateful I found Jesus Christ.

Are there musicians that you look up to as role models?

Musically I had so many influences around me. As a young DJ back then in Nigeria, I listened to all kinds of music. I enjoyed good music irrespective of the language even down to classical music. Some strong influences I had then aside my mum and dad ,were people like Chris Okotie, Bongos Ikwue, Jide, late Sunny Okosun, Bob Fitts, John Denver, Albert Hammond etc. These great musicians and whole lot of others attracted me to music especially how morally laden their songs were, their perfection on various instrument and how much they were widely followed across the world for doing music. As a young boy I functioned very effectively in the town where I grew up as a DJ. Almost everywhere there was party I was invited to come and play. But, that took me away totally from my religious upbringing.
I would say music for me is partly hereditary and inspirational. I would watch my mother sing and dance for us. My Father was a hard worker. He would sing melodiously while working. Both parents were musical. I had a happy family though we didn’t have much.

What is your take on Nigeria’s gospel music industry?
Gospel in Nigeria has come a long way.  The genre has maintained its path and track record, despite challenges. Nigerians are predominantly God fearing people and so gospel music is readily appreciated. Gospel music in my understanding is the message of our Lord Jesus Christ, call it good news, which is musically expressed through praise, worship, hymns, spiritual songs etc. I don’t want to be limited; it is like gospel must follow a pattern or style for which it is known. I think the most important factor is the message. The moment you have good message, then allow the song to find the best way or style it expresses itself. If you listen to my current work you will discover it is mixed genre reggae, hip up, afro beat and high life.
For me gospel music is a very powerful tool for the much desired change in Nigeria. We know the country is bedeviled with corruption. With the right attitude gospel musicians can rise up and speak against it and perhaps point the society to the right direction.

Tell us about your current album and upcoming projects?
My current music tracks were borne out my life experiences and the relevance of my spiritual encounters, in other words my brush with Christianity. Being born again was not anything I ever envisaged or intended to do, but was inevitable for my spiritual trajectory. My born again experience put me on the path of destiny. The current tracks are basically testimonies of Gods saving grace upon my life and serves as a source of encouragement to listeners not to hesitate in coming to the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. My target is for all hurting souls. I cry to God to enable me write, sing songs that would bring healing, deliverance, hope and encouragement to my listeners or everyone hurting. All over the world about 90% of people you meet on the road have emotional issues, very battered on the inside. Most need healing balm that comes through the grace that Jesus Christ brings.
The entire album soon to be released, is a ten-track audio/video CD produced and mastered in the UK. Hopefully it is intended to bring some succor to my fans.

Some sections of the society are not too comfortable with the quality of gospel music we have in Nigeria presently, what in your opinion?
Because of the crowded nature of gospel music now I honestly think a lot has been compromised. And because of economic hardship, in a bid to break even, most artists try to sing what listeners want to hear somehow voiding the gospel message. But generally I have heard Nigerian gospel artiste sing very inspiring gospel songs. Comparing Nigerian gospel of the early years I would pick the pioneers because by mere listening to them someone would get converted or change their lifestyle

If you were not doing gospel music which other genre would you have done?
I think what is missing is the heart; the motive behind your music.  Let gospel music glorify God and everything God represents. Well, if I was not doing gospel music, I don’t know? I should have done something else, I can’t really say, may be some country stuff. But God knows better.  I choose to go gospel over other music genres because I am now a Christian. Not only that, I am inspired by what is true and Jesus Christ the way, the truth and life.He died that may be forgiven, rose again from death that we may walk in total freedom.That is the gospel. I choose to exalt His holy name in all that I do

When are we expecting the final album to drop and your plans for video?
The final album will ready for release for online and audio/video CD in the month of November 2015 and the plan to do a full video shoot for the whole album will commence in January 2016 God willing and as soon as it ready it will be published.

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