Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vanguard Columnist Released After 13 Days In Captivity

Donu with the Rivers CP, Mr Musa Kimo at her PH residence after her release (right)

It is not even about the days now, but that she has finally been released. The Vanguard columnist, who was kidnapped about two weeks ago, has regained her freedom midnight. Donu Kogbara was released in the middle of the night before finding her way home.

It will be recalled that the columnist was kidnapped on August 30th at her Nkpogu residence in her CRV jeep. The State Governor, Wike Nyesom kicked against the kidnap and promised Donu will return safely.The police commissioner also made the same promise with additional pleas from the international community before she was finally set free hours ago.

Donu also works for BBC, Channel 4, and the Mail. She has been writing for Vanguard for the past 30years.

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