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SEXUALITY: 10 Things Every Woman Wants In Bed But Would Never Tell You

It is every woman's dream to have a fulfilling sexual life but mstly their desires lives in their fantasy. Tthese are the ten secret sexual fantasy every woman wants in bed.

1. To be dominated

Every woman wants to be dominated in bed, no matter her status in life and in the society. Even if you're with a big society, bigger-balls-than-yours sort of woman who puts her independence before any other aspect in her life, trust us, she still wants you to take charge in the bedroom.

At least sometimes anyway. Unfortunately, many men are a bit afraid to do so for fear of coming across as forceful which could be termed to be rape.

The trick here is to start slow. Don't start showing the 'I-am-a-man-stunt' because it is never a good idea to bark orders at her or call her a 'slut' right from the start. The transition might be a little too drastic to cope with and you don't want to risk putting her off. Be commanding but sensitive to her responses. The balance will have her begging for more.

Dominate her (Getty Images)

2. Light Spanking

Most women love the rougher side of sex and would not shy away from dreaming about it. A reasonable amount of women like it as rough as you can give it too. But don't go there unless you've worked your way up or you might get more than a playful punch in your face.

Before you get too excited about smacking her, know that it's just fantastic foreplay. It can feel amazing for both of you and women in particular tend to claim that that's the kind of roughing up that sends tingles to all the right places.

Though they promise you they love it, most feel to embarrassed to ask for it for fear of how it sounds. It's up to you to break this barrier. Also, try and refrain from causing bruising or injury of any sort!

Give her the best sex of her life (Getty Images)

3. Dirty Talk

This is a very grey area and once again, if you jump the gun, you could find yourself out of a great session between the sheets, as well as your woman! But let's not make any bones about it, women love dirty talk. And men almost never give it to them. You become the first in her life to provide her with this secret sensual desire and chances are, she's never going to let you go!

The reason is simple. Women are imaginative, vocal creatures. And they don't want to hear your flowery sweet nothings whispered into their ears, many want you to be downright twisted.

Be very basic about it, ask her if she likes what you're doing, what her fantasies are etc., and gauge her responses before you march on like a good soldier. Heavier, quicker breathing are sure fire signs that she wants more but if she turns away from you or stiffens up a bit, stop right there. This one really could go either way, so tread carefully!

4. To dominate

Love making (Getty Images)

Yes, we know we said women want you to take charge but this is one thing you should know about women: they want it all! Not that there's anything wrong with changing things up in the bedroom every once in a while and adding in some new heat.

We already know that a surprising majority of men seriously dig 'the cowgirl' or 'girl on top' position and this is the best way to make her feel as though she's in control of what's going on.

Let her be in charge and more importantly, make her feel as though she's in charge. Be responsive too, let her know that what she's doing is really working for you, dig your fingers into her back and let her have her way with you. Win-win situation for both parties involved? Certainly so.

Once she's had a fair amount of time taking the reigns, switch it up to dominate her without warning. The sudden transition will leave her hot and heavy for you.

5. Kiss her when making love to her

Kissing (Getty Images)

A surprisingly large number of women complain that men tend to get lost in their own world while making love, entirely ignoring them and making no effort whatsoever to kiss them while still engaging in sex.

Women are emotional and as much as this article has told you they'd like to be bruised and beaten (lightly of course) it's all about maintaining the perfect balance.

Everything comes in pairs and it would be nice if every once in a while, you could show her you're making an effort to please her between the sheets, both physically and emotionally.

6. More oral
Most men, especially from this part of the world, seem to equate women wanting oral sex as loose and cheap but in truth, giving a woman the tongue can be the missing link in having the mind blowing sex life you have always longed with her.

For some reason, some men do have a strange ill-defined relationship with female genitalia while they fully expect oral sex for themselves. They rarely return this favour, and when they do, some would not give it the full concentration the act requires.

But let's make it clear that some women do have a problem getting aroused and tickling their extra-erogenous zones with your tongue could do the magic. Endow your woman with the kind of foreplay she deserves and you will be amazed at what she would give in return.

Quick tip: Not all women like this act performed the same way. You'll have to experiment a little bit, gauge her reaction and figure out what she likes best. Again, communication is your best friend, ask her what she likes and get it right. Nothing will satisfy her more.

7. Communication
The place of communication during sex can never be overemphasized neither can it be thrown to the back bench. We have said it before and we will not be tired of repeating the fact that women are vocal beings. They moan with pleasure when you do something right and remain stuck when you are just slobbering. The same can be said of men. A woman is not an encyclopedia of sex moves. Ask her what she wants you to do to her and you will be surprised that you only scratched her surface.

You will find the more open you are about sex with your partner, the better and better it gets. Don't let your ego get in the way and drop all those walls.

Quick tip: Don't be to aggressive about the communication, let it flow naturally.

8. Be a little adventurous
Gone are the days when sex was only carried out behind closed doors, lights turned out and with specific time tables. These days, women want some spontaneity, some sense of adventure and, well, surprise.

How do you think your woman would react when you creep up to her in the kitchen while she is frying some eggs, pull her dress apart and slot into her from behind? How about getting it on in the bathroom, on the dining table or in the car?

Few things get a woman going as fast as the risk of getting caught so take her by surprise

Quick tip: Make it a quickie, as the name implies!

9. Find her fantasy
If you take a dive into the minds of women, you will be surprised to realise that the section reserved for kinky sex is beautiful and strange.

Finding her fantasy and fulfilling them could be a very telling and rewarding experiment but if things go according to plan, your sex life is never going to be the same again. It's going to be about a 1000 times better in fact.

All women have fantasies and they want the man in their life to indulge them. Of course, societal perceptions and the fear that you'll be put off by them if they told you themselves makes it a little hard to probe them about it.

However, be persistent though because once you know what it is, you can work on indulging every last fantasy. A favor they'll only be too happy to return in the future we're sure.

Quick tip: Be prepared for anything. The dark trenches of a woman's mind hold all sorts of possibilities and it might be a bit of a pandora's box if you open it up entirely! Still, if at any point you feel uncomfortable doing something she fantasizes about, just be upfront and tell her the same. She'll be glad you did and appreciate your honesty.

10. Be aggressive
Women love men who are aggressive during sex: hey, we are not talking about being abusive, beating her or practicing the '50 Shades of Grey' kind of love making here. We mean the mild hair pulling, playful ear biting, the once-in-a-while rough sex and so on.

Quick tip: There's no hard and fast rule here - you don't necessarily have to be the aggressor on every occasion and also, pick her up and throw her around a bit. There's nothing she'll love more than that.

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