Thursday, September 03, 2015

I’ve Found A New Love- OAP Tito Da.Fire

Tito Da.Fire is unarguably one of Nigeria’s most influential On-Air personalities-cum musician, with his musical shows syndicated to millions of teeming audiences across Africa over the last decade. From Hit Tv and radio shows such as “Star World Chart Hits” with Yemi Pratt (Coco), Co-Hosting Sprite Emcee Africa Competition with Lee Kasumba on Channel O, to recent Nationally syndicated radio shows “Chelsea Success Party” and “Squadron Football Rave”, not to mention numerous OAP’s he has groomed and mentored to become A-Listers.

In a recent interview Tito Da.Fire was fast to dispel rumours that he had quit music “ I never left music at any point, nobody ends a relationship that’s fulfilling”. So why the long hiatus on the showbiz scene? He replied “Music is a universal art form that today serves as vehicle for other aspects of the art, I have been active with brand building across industries and with my music and media background, corporate organisations entrust me with getting their brands across to various targets’’. I am deeply passionate that anytime I need to come up with a brand solution, I go into my studio and blast the speakers and something happens- A solution Pops up!”

Does this mean you have forgotten about releasing records or managing artistes on G2M music label, you recently signed two young rappers? “That’s the interesting part, first of all G2M transformed from being just a music imprint managing artistes to being a marketing communications and management group, so we still record, in fact I recently recorded with some amazing international acts…no body breaks up a working relationship like music, in it I have found a new passion, a new love, like falling in love all over again.’’

Recently twitter has been buzzing with mentions of Tito Da.Fire and Shine Begho (formerly of Cool Fm), are you both working on a studio project, a music project or do you both have an endorsement, as recently your instagram profile read “Brand Ambassador”. Working with Shine on the “Chelsea Success Party” nationally syndicated radio show was by popular demand by target audience, Chelsea London Dry Gin carried out a survey of OAPs who could connect the brand with millions of vibrant Success-Loving Young people and the survey result was what brought us together and so far the response to the show has been massive across Nigeria”, does that mean you guys will work out a duet soon? “Possibilities are endless, who knows’’

Tito Da.Fire has a heavy twitter and facebook following. We look forward to his new musical works.

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