Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Need A Man - Ruby Gyang Reveals

Ruby Gyang

Delectable singer, Ruby Gyang, has let the cat out of the bag about her relationship status. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the sonorous singer said she has been single for over six years but now, she is open to love.

Granted she has child for rap artiste, Jesse Jagz, Ruby said there is no man in her life at the moment and she is ready to love again when the right man comes her way.

She said, “I have been single for about six years but I did not notice because I have been so engrossed in my music. But I realised that this is not how to live. I cannot be preoccupied with work and have no love in my life. It is terrible. Now I am open to relationship, I am open to love. I am not only open to Nigerian men. I like white men, Japanese and any other. Basically, I am open to love anybody.”

For potential suitors, she described her ideal man as one who must possess a strong relationship with God.

“My faith is very important to me so my ideal man has to be a devout Christian. My faith informs my values which include love for God and treating people well. My ideal man has to be a gentleman, the kind that treats women well and open doors for his lady. A thoughtful and considerate man would always have my heart and he must be one that laughs a lot. He does not have to be funny but he should enjoy laughing,” she said.

The beautiful singer told Saturday Beats that she ended her last relationship because she was very unhappy in it.

“My last relationship ended because I realised that I was very unhappy in it. I did not know the reason till I got back to my music. When I was in the relationship, I stopped music and I was very unhappy,” she said.

When asked if she would ever go back into the loving arms of her baby daddy, Jesse Jagz, the singer said that it would never happen. She however added that they maintain a very cordial relationship.

“Nothing can ever happen between Jesse Jagz and me! He is an amazing person and we are very good friends but that is all, it cannot be more than that. Before we started dating, we were friends for a very long time and it made it easy for us to maintain our friendship after we had a child together. We have decided to maintain our friendship also because of the love we have for our daughter. It is important to us that our daughter see that we are very friendly towards each other. We have worked very hard at being friends but we can never be lovers again,” Ruby said.

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