Sunday, September 13, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Wins Against Andre Berto In Final Match

Talk about going out with a bang! Floyd Mayweather’s farewell fight ended in his favor, as he took down his opponent Andre Berto in one epic fight on Sept. 12.

It was the fight of the century. Floyd Mayweather, 38, faced his competitor Andre Berto, 32, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sept. 12, and it was one grueling match! Not only was it Floyd’s final match, but the unbeaten champ has now matched the record of the late Rocky Marciano, with 49 wins total! Absolutely incredible.

The stakes were higher than ever, as Floyd sought to epically end his 19 year career. The boxing superstar came in with an undefeated record to take on his Haitian opponent, who was a two-time welterweight world champion and it was more intense than we had ever expected!

Round 1 kicked off with several left jabs from Floyd, while Andre seemed to play more cautiously, throwing few punches. Round 2 showed Andre becoming more aggressive, but Floyd landed more punches. In Round 3, Andre charged hard but Floyd won 10-9. Round 4 was very action-packed with Andre taking some big swings, however Floyd came out on top. Round 5 saw lots of clinching and Andre won his first round 10-9. Round 6 was the closest one yet, but Floyd had numerous body shots and defeated him. Round 7 went to Andre, 10-9, who landed a left hook inside. The rest of the rounds were in Floyd’s favor as Andre clearly needed more than a knockout to win. In Round 12, Floyd went very aggressive and then walked away for the last ten seconds — which the crowd booed at! The judges scored the match: 117-111, 118-110 and 120-108, with Floyd, the obvious winner.

At the end of the fight, Floyd announced that it really is the end of his career! “My career’s over. It’s official,” Floyd said in the ring. “You’ve got to know when to hang it up.” Floyd now holds the same record as late heavyweight champion, Rocky, consisting of 49 wins and no losses. Talk about a way to end an incredible career!

Before the fight kicked off, Floyd reflected on his legendary career. “I want to thank everyone that has covered this event and my career over 19 years,” he said at a press conference on Sept. 9. “Whether it was a good story or a bad story, you guys wrote about me and kept me relevant. That’s how I was able to do record breaking numbers.”

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