Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Sexuality: 3 ways to give your girl explosive oral experience

It is an ultimate gift of love and sexual submission that every true lover should give to his woman to help her get to that beautiful place where emotions and pleasures will rock her frame will volcanic power.

More men are more willing to give their women oral sex.

But desiring to do it and doing it the right way are not the same and a lot of men know nothing about how to go about it.

First of all, read “How to give a woman orgasm from clitoral stimulation” and when you’re done, read “6 tips to cure your lovers anxiety, insomnia with Oral sex!!!”

Now, below are some kinky ways to give her the oral blues:

Quickie with her clothes on. To execute this, have your woman sit on the edge of a table, bed or chair. Hike up her skirt or dress kneel between her legs. Push her panties aside and get to work with tongue and lips.

Sideways 69 on the bed. This is a variation of the traditional 69 pose. Instead of lying on top of each other, lie on your sides and eat each other up. It comfortable.

Have her Standing Up. In this position, you should lay on your back on a bench. The woman then stands over you, with her ‘golden thing’ positioned over your mouth. You could call it the oral variation of the cowgirl position.

A man needs to do this to his woman once in a while as part of the foreplay time for sex.

It is something you both will enjoy…

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