Saturday, August 01, 2015

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Break Up?: He’s Furious She Hasn’t Defended Him In Drake Feud

Meek Mill is furious with Nicki Minaj for not coming to his defense in his epic feud with Drake. Now that his diss track about the Canadian rapper has fallen flat, the rapper is demanding she jump in the fray. Find out all the details!

Meek Mill, 28 is fuming that Nicki Minaj, 32 won’t publicly come to his defense in his online rap war with Drake, 28. His July 30 response track, “Wanna Know,” was met with a tepid response from fans, and then more taunting from Drake. Now, Meek wants Nicki to stick up for him.

“Meek’s not feeling Nicki right now. He’s really hurt over the fact that she’s not jumping in and defending him in this war with Drake. He literally wants her to say, ‘F*** You’ to Drake. He wants her to choose sides,” a Meek insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. So far, the “Anaconda” singer hasn’t called out Drake, whom she’s friends with.

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