Friday, August 07, 2015

Lobatan! Lagos Girl Adds Boyfriend’s Wife On IM, Tells Her I Will Deal With You (Live Chats)

Lagos girls are no longer smiling and it’s so bad that these days they come out so bold to add wives on BBM, even confront them at parties and tell them, ‘I am screwing your man, got it’? Wow wow wow!! So this chic’s story goes thus. The chic is dating a certain lady’s husband, she managed to get her BB pin and told her, look I am dating your man. The lady fires back and she started raining curses on the wife, saying I had wanted you to shift before, but now you must LEAVE. At a point in time, she confronted the wife physically with her friends and rained insults on her, the most painful part of the whole scenario is that, the girl in question and the man are so damn close that one evening she was chatting the wife up as usual insulting her, and said to her‘go and cook for my boo mehn, he just entered the house’. How sad can that be? Aswear some girls are crazyyyyyyyy. I have got her photo tho, but let’s save some face!! I hope she gets to read this and change. Your future husband is not someone else’s own, go look for your own man, ode… yes, I am taking sides, lol. The chats below…

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