Monday, August 10, 2015

Kim Kardashian’s Bump Mysteriously Disappears In Sexy Costume Pic

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Fake
Does Kim Kardashian have some explaining to do?! The ‘KUWTK’ star is under heat from fans yet again, who are confused by Kim’s lack of a baby bump in her new Instagram picture! See their reactions here.

And the speculation over Kim Kardashian’s second pregnancy continues. The 34-year-old posted a stunning picture of herself with Kourtney, 36, in a low-cut body suit on Aug. 8, but fans seem to be more concerned over the fact that her baby bump appears to be non-existent!

Kim, who is five months along, was blasted by fans in her latest sexy pic. Revealing her deep cleavage and curvaceous figure in a skin-tight bodysuit, fans’ eyes seemed to be only on her belly — or lack thereof. Some of the comments on the pic include: “you forgot to put your bump on,” “No bump,” “where’s the bump”, “Your bump evaporated” and “looks like she’s not even pregnant here.” Poor KiKi! The reality star has slammed reports that she is faking her pregnancy, but it seems like she just can’t catch a break! Speculation surrounding Kim’s pregnancy reached a high point when her baby bump appeared to be a lot smaller during the daytime on July 27, and miraculously larger at nighttime. Ever since the controversy, it seems like she’s been flaunting her baby bump as much as she can. Earlier this week, she showed off her bump in a tight white dress. She also flaunted extreme pregnancy cleavage when she reached 42 million Instagram followers on Aug. 8

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