Saturday, August 08, 2015

ISIS Show Off their Latest Batch of Child Soldiers

These are the latest batch of child soldiers, shockingly indoctrinated into the bloodthirsty jihadi group’s sickening ideology of brutality.

ISIS released these pictures on social media, boasting how the children were the new ‘cubs of the caliphate’ from the Syrian province of Damascus. As well as learning about how to strip and re-assemble an AK 47 machine gun, the child recruits are taught how to wrestle and perform close combat moves.

Russian social media users claimed this week that one of the child soldiers, pictured below, who allegedly executed a spy in an ISIS video, had been killed. Abu Umar al-Qawqaz, was reportedly killed in a coalition airstrike in Syria this week.

His nom-de-guerre of ‘al-Qawqaz’ suggests he is from the Caucasus region but it is unclear what his real name was or his age

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