Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Photos: Maheeda Reveals Her Old Self + Honeymoon Pic

Just like most people say they find it difficult that Maheeda is still married, we are sorry to say we also find it a bit ‘funny’. A lot of people have said they wonder how she can claim to be married and always go nude for the world to see. Not the nudity you think, we mean plain and stark NUDITY. Atleast if you are conversant with her story, then you must have seen her bare breasts and yes her very private part, so where does the marriage come in? Lol.

But then, she says they are still married and even posted a photo of both of them from wayback on her instagram page telling the world how good he has been to her and saying she owes him the world bla bla bla. Read what she posted with the photo above after the cut and also see her very old pictures below.

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