Monday, July 20, 2015

Photo – Meet The 10Yr Old Boy Who is an Executioner For ISIS

A shocking video and photos of a brutal beheading carried out by a child, is being circulated by ISIS supporters on social media.

The disturbing clip shows a child no older than 10 carrying out the gruesome beheading.
Wearing camouflage and a black headdress, the boy’s face is uncovered – revealing a chilling dead-eyed stare that offers a glimpse of the evil he has witnessed carried out by ISIS’ killers.

The victim is seen being forced to lay on his stomach as the young boy approaches him from behind, pulls his head back by the hair, and uses a small knife to slit the man’s throat and set about beheading him, Daily Mail reports.

In a moment of true horror the child then lifts the victim’s severed head in a warped celebration of the brutal murder. He then places the head on the victim’s back.

Throughout the entire killing, a senior ISIS fighter is seen observing the shocking scene.

At the end of the video the older militant turns to the camera and makes a chilling threat to the West.

“Our goal is not only Palmyra or Homs or Damascus, rather our goal is to conquer Bayt al- Maqdes [Jerusalem] and Rome, God willing.”

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