Friday, July 10, 2015

Lefoo Apparels Set To Trend In The Fashion World cc @lefoo_master

Our services includes T shirts Customizing, Partnership awareness campaigns using T shirts, sourcing yarns, fabrics and accessories, T shirt concept development for corporate organizations, NGOs and social clubs, price and production negotiation, fashion consultancy, wardrobe designing,quality assurance testing, documentation and shipping co-ordination.

History By Year
2008Founded on 8 February 2008 by
Ojikutu Adebayo aka Lefoo

Lefoo apparel is a subsidiary of Lefoo World which was duly incorporated july 27 2012 (RC 1053849)

Lefoo was coined out of a nick name which Bayo was called in his university days Lefoo meaning a person who stands out and has a fashion sense

Contact Details 
Mobile Number : 08029118745 
Facebook Page:
Twitter : Lefoo_master

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