Sunday, June 14, 2015

Three Men Who Trekked To Yola To See Atiku Stranded

Lmaoooo please let me laugh. So these guys were trekking for money lollllllll. Three men, Salihu Jibrin, Aliyu Adamu and Abubakar Suleiman who had trekked to Yola in honour of Atiku Abubakar have said they are now stranded as they have been unable to see the man they left their various destinations to trek for.

While speaking to journalists today, Salihu explained; “I trekked for 38 days all the way from Lagos to Yola to see Atiku in view of his role over APC’s victory in the general election but up till now I have been unable to see him. I am now stranded with no money to go back; at times I sleep in motor parks or squat with good Samaritans.”

Adamu who rode to Yola from Kaduna also says; “I want to thank the Secretary, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Adamawa Council, Mr. Baba Zare, who had been assisting me since arrival to cope with the difficult situation I found myself. I want to meet Atiku before finding my way back to Kaduna.
Suleiman, who also trekked from Adamawa to Yola said he had been squatting from one relation to the other while waiting for an opportunity to see Atiku. Interesting, who send them work?

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