Wednesday, June 17, 2015

S3x Toys Account For 30% Of Stuff Left In Hotels - Study

What do they use a jar full of snails for during sex? Lol, some people are too dirty. A recent study of about 8,000 UK hoteliers across all level of the hospitality industry has revealed that a third of all items abandoned by UK hotel guests are either s3x toys or s3x-related. S3x toys including blow up sheep and plaster cast p*nises, a prosthetic leg, a live lizard and a jar full of snails were also among the unusual items always left by guests.

Andrea Tarpey, who carried out the survey, said: “Whilst we fully expected smartphones, laptops and chargers to top the list, we were really surprised by some of the more unusual items our hotel partners have come across in their rooms, especially the number who regularly find abandoned S3x toys.”

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