Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DS Series: Bunch of Likes (+18)

“If you don’t want to do anything, its fine” I said as she stroked my semi-turgid dick on my couch.

She seemed to enjoy stroking the dick, looking at me with half closed eyes. I could tell that she really wanted to, but she had this code of conduct of not fucking a guy the first day she meets the guy. I knew she was gonna break it because of the way she responded.

It all started from social networks, she was my Facebook friend but I didnt notice her because of the amount of friends I have there, but when she joined Instagram and started following me, she liked a bunch of my pictures, like 10-15 pictures. I took notice from my notifications and extended her the same courtesy, liking a bunch of her pictures as well. I went to Instamessage, and luckily for me, she was there, we chatted and from there transported ourselves back to BBM.

It was at BBM that we really got to know each other more, then to phone numbers, we began to chat, and right off the bat, I teased her with some dirty talks at the first time we chatted and she more than followed along, saying she loved talking dirty, finally.

Let me try to explain this, I absolutely love talking dirty, no matter where I was, in a meeting, at the beach, anywhere asides from church, I will indulge in dirty chatting, depending we can go as far as exchanging nudes sef. For a while now, my previous girls that we chat dirty all of a sudden were forming activities, so I was missing it desperately until she showed up. She brought new lease of life, all my attempts to get her to show up at my house proved abortive.

We settled on going for a movie at Ikeja, I really wanted to go but the fuel scarcity thing ruined it all, but on the day, she said she can’t make the movie anymore, the church house fellowship stayed longer than usual plus her mum needed her back home. I dint really feel bad on one hand because I just saved fuel. I also wanted to see her in person, I had seen all sorts of pictures, she looked tall and attractive, more ass than boobs.

She tried to apologised and I formed one in a lifetime vex, she promised to come see me in the my house during the week. I rushed out of the office as soon as it was 5, seemed like 5pm couldn’t come quickly enough. I was just praying there wouldn’t be much traffic because she wanted to go back home that same night. Little traffic and I was home free, I picked her up at the Sabo and took her home, she gisted while we drove home. She was almost as tall as me which I really liked and her shape was very impressive.

Getting in, I gave her a drink and we went back to the couch, I tried to make out with her but she wasn’t having it claiming this is the first time she was visiting me and she has no interest in making out least of all having sex. I made myself comfortable, yanked off all my clothes apart from my boxer short, we kissed a bit she knew to break off after 30 seconds and distance herself from me. She said she dint want to get turned on. I kept smooching her, pushing up her short gown further up, my hands probing down her inner thighs.

She reached for my dick, rubbing it softly, she was shaking her head, saying she dint want to have sex. I had to calm her down.

“If you don’t want to do anything, its fine” I said as she stroked my semi-turgid dick on my couch.

I continued to assure her that sex wasn’t gonna take place, we began to kiss again, and it lasted more than 30 seconds, we changed positions and I laid on top of her, while kissing her, my semi-turgid dick began to get harder, I positioned it against her pussy and began to rub it tirelessly against the soft material of her panty.

She began to moan softly when the moans began to get louder, I stopped. I got up with what was looking like a full blown erection. She got up, saying silently that she dint want to have sex, she kneeled backing me, almost motionless, minor moan escaping her mouth. I ran in and grabbed a condom, strapped it on and lucky for me getting back into the living room, she was still in this position, my hands brushed across her back, I looked at that ass, looking more impressive now, I pulled the gown up, and the panties down, She dint struggle, the tip of my dick found the entrance of the pussy, she was thoroughly wet, she exclaimed Haaaaa!!!!, as my dick filled her pussy, it felt good.

I began to fuck her from the back, slowly and he moans became louder as my strokes became faster, spanking her as the tempo became faster. Knowing I had her in between my hands, I withdrew my dick from the pussy when I knew she was enjoying it the most.

I stood behind her with the pussy staring me right in the face, she got up and said she wanted to leave, I didn’t drag it with her, I took her to the bathroom and as she bent to take off her panties to clean herself up, I went in behind again, and started to fuck in soft and hard strokes from behind… Oh shit!!!!! was what escaped from her mouth.

The pussy felt so good to my dick.I could sense she was tightening her pussy against my dick, it made it much more rewarding. While receiving it from behind, she screamed louder and said she wanted to ride, who am I to turn down the request of this lady.

I came out of her, laid on the bed, as took of all her clothes like they were on fire or drenched with soldier ants. I watched her literally jump on the dick and ride like it was a horse, this is beyond impressive, she would rub her pussy hard against the base of my dick, and bounce off it in intervals, seemed like she was trying to achieve something, she went really fast and her screams reached a climax and I wondered if the neighbour wouldn’t complain, but then the noise stopped as she got off the dick. She made for the bathroom, as she looked back at me, obviously she just came.

“Don’t leave me hanging” I asked.
“What do you want” She replied
“I need to cum just like you”
“Okay, lemme suck you maybe you’ll cum” She offered.

The truth, few ladies have successfully made me cum via oral sex, maybe she will be lucky third.

She yanked the condom off, grabbed tissued and cleaned off the dick, I was really impressed with how she was treating the dick, caring for it and all, she wiped off the liquid from the condom and proceeded to suck the dick with such expertise, she wasn’t fast rather the right speed, she wasn’t malhandling it, rather the right amount of pressure the tip of the tongue rubbing on the slit on the dick and all over the top of the dick before gorging down the whole shaft. Well, she did know her craft.

I closed my eyes to make sure I savour all the enjoyment that I was getting, she would jerk off the shaft and then lick the top speedily, the attention to detail was uncanny. I grabbed her up, made her lay side by side with me, pushing her thigh towards her belly, arching her ass towards me, I buried my dick into her from behind, holding her waist for support, I pummeled her from behind till I felt my cum rushing towards the tip of my dick, I splatted my cum all over the bum. It wasnt a convenient position, I just hope it helps me build my 6 packs better.

She stood up and went into the bathroom, this time around I wasn’t stalking her with the dick

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