Monday, February 23, 2015

Gobe! Amber Arrested For Almost Biting Off Boyfriend's Manh••d

A drunk man had slept off after a drunken row with his girlfriend but woke up to the most unbelievable sight ever of his girlfriend trying to bite off his penis. The man whose name was no mentioned said he went out to drink with his girlfriend, Amber Ellis, before an argument ensued between them on their way back home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The argument according to Metro UK, was centered on 'how needy she had become.'
He slept off as soon as they got back into their apartment due to obvious weakness resulting from the drinks he took.

The man woke up from sleep only to find his girlfriend biting off his dick and when he tried to fight her, the woman hit him on the heard with a laptop computer.

Police operatives in the area arrested Ellis and charged her with assault with a dangerous weapon and maiming.
She was remanded in prison pending on her final trial.

Meanwhile, the man was said to have been in the hospital where his injured penis was stitched at the base.
He also received treatment for other injuries he sustained in the other parts of his body including the head, face, neck, fingers and knee.

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