Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fifth Worst Snow Storm Hits 5 U.S Cities

A fifth of the population of the U.S has been caught in an unprecedented blizzard lockdown today, with residents of five states effectively banned from going outside as states of emergency were declared, Dailymail reports.

A storm threatening to dump three feet of snow from New Jersey to Massachusetts prompted drastic measures to be taken, with metro systems in New York City and Boston shut and roads closed, leaving cities looking like ghost towns this morning.

8,000 flights to the North East were axed, while subway systems and railroads went dark late yesterday evening.

Drivers who risk driving will be arrested and fines up to $500 will be paid. Even 24-hour businesses were forced to close their doors, while concerts, theater shows and sporting events were cancelled last night to ensure everyone will stay at home.

Peak snowfall could bring more than four inches per hour, with highs of 36inches in some places. 

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