Thursday, December 04, 2014


She’d had the same dream last night. This was the fourth night in a row and the sex was always the same – heated, intense and filled with orgasms – and always with the same person. A guy she didn’t know and wouldn’t mind knowing. She was beginning to worry for herself. In two days, she would celebrate her second year of celibacy. It had been a long, tempting and frustrating two years. A week ago, she would have said it was worth it. Now, she didn’t think so. Lately, her dreams tormented her and was driving her to distraction. Her once imagined iron-clad self control was slipping dangerously in the face of orgasmic nightmares and she was losing grip fast. She caught herself staring longingly at the outline of her colleague’s penis and wondered if it would be so bad to get a quickie on.

She shook her head to discard such thoughts. She wasn’t even attracted to the colleague in question but if she kept right on having those lewd dreams, she just might make a move. Elli sighed and stared at the unfinished proposal she’d been typing for the last hour. So far, she’d only managed a few lines, which was pathetic pace for a Monday. She sipped her now tepid coffee, leaned back on her swivel chair and closed her eyes. She needed to clear her mind so she could get some work done. With a deep breath, she began to count to fifty ever so slowly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Boyo was irritated with the world and himself. This was a rare occurrence because he was the usual happy-go-lucky guy. As a matter of fact, he regarded himself as lucky on all fronts though much of his luck was based on his good looks. His looks and good nature got him everything. Sadly, they couldn’t deliver the package he had ordered from the online shop. He had known ordering the sunglasses would be a mistake but everyone in the office was doing it so he’d also placed his order. Now, a few of his colleagues had delirious smirks on their faces as they ripped open their packages like eager children while he and the unfortunate ‘others’ glared at the delivery guy who was busy mopping up bucket-loads of sweat while taking their details.

At the close of work, he surmised that he had lost good money that could have been spent on other things, seeing as he had no intention of pursuing a refund. He felt stupid and that irritated him even more. Not wishing to let his bad mood linger, he decided to stop at ShopRite, purchase some whiskey, cake, sandwiches and whatever would give him ‘alone time’ pleasure. He would have called one of his ‘girls’ over but at that moment, he had a hard time deciding who to fuck, so booze and junk food would have to do. The next day was work anyway. With his decision settled, he began to load his shopping cart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elli waited in line and surreptitiously glanced at shoppers on queue at the other cashier-points. Most of the men either looked like struggling bachelors or drivers on an errand. She should have known she’d never find a decent single guy at ShopRite on a week day. Most of them came on weekends, dressed down and acting all nonchalant to happenings around them, when in fact, they were there to scour the area for gullible babes. She sighed mournfully. She was now officially two years, three days and eighteen hours celibate. The fact that she was counting meant that she had lost all control and was on a prowl. She didn’t think she would last the rest of the week with ‘cobwebbed and moth infested’ pussy. She had to unclog fast before her vagina pulled an unwarranted ‘factory reset’ on her.

The line moved forward and as she shuffled nearer to the cashier till, she wondered briefly why there were no Male Escort Services in Nigeria. It would have been so easy for her if they existed. She would have closed from work, called the Escort line, ordered her spec, showered, boosted herself with alcohol and waited for her pre-ordered pleasure machine to arrive. At this point, all she needed was SEX from a HARD, THROBBING, WEIGHTY penis. That wasn’t too much to ask the Universe was it?
The line moved again and she shuffled forward grudgingly. She swallowed a rising sigh and turned to stare at the other shoppers on the other queues.

She gasped and paused.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Boyo smiled at the cute lady in front of her, holding a not so cute baby and tried to think good thoughts. He didn’t want to ruin his slow-rising good mood by mentally subbing an innocent child. It wasn’t her fault that she was “uncute”. The kid probably resembled her daddy because her mummy was a looker. He grinned at the little tot and she grinned back at him. Her smile made her uglier but he was consoled that she had dimples. Really deep-set, adorable dimples. Everyone loved dimples so he was sure the little girl would get some love. Turning away from the child, he looked back at the other queue and noticed that the girl that had been boring holes on him with her eyes was now paying for her items. She wasn’t bad looking. Average on every level. He didn’t know why but his thoughts veered to babies again. He tried to imagine having a daughter with his average looking ‘observer’. The baby would be cute. And would have long hair, if that was her real hair the ‘observer’ was carrying…. Her skin would be flawless too… Observer had flawless skin. He chuckled at his thoughts and shook his head. As soon as he was done here, he would call one of his ‘girls’ and invite her over. Maybe sex tonight wouldn’t be a bad idea; afterall, he had been a good boy for all of two weeks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elli paced outside, wishing he would come out. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Five straight days of tormenting dreams of sex with a handsome stranger and suddenly, she claps her eyes on said stranger. She’d never seen the dude in all her life, save for her dreams, now she realizes that he is a reality. The thought scared her shitless; all thoughts of sex buried in an unknown portion of her mind. She just had to know who he was. She just had to speak to him. She paced some more, willing him out before she did something really silly or embarrassing. Another set of people milled out of ShopRite and mercifully, he was among them. With a beating heart, she watched him walk nearer and almost gasped when he stopped in front of her.

“Ready to have our baby now?” He asked with a smile.

It was meant to be a joke… an opening line to ease conversation. He hated awkwardness. But the look of mortification on her face told him his joke had been horribly perceived.

“I’m sorry. It was a joke… I’m gonna walk now.” He offered his apology sincerely and began to walk away.

Immobilized, Elli could only stare at him. She couldn’t move. She didn’t think she could move. She couldn’t even feel her limbs and wondered how she could think straight.

“Yes!” She heard herself yell out and was glad that he stopped. He turned to look at her, his eyes wide in surprise.

Before he could change his mind and term her crazy, she willed her legs to move and walk up to him. Without warning, she grabbed his free hand and placed it on her chest.

“See how my heart is beating… I’m about to say something really crazy… You’ll think I’m crazy… But I’m not crazy o… It’s just that my request will sound crazy… So just… Oh God! I think I’m going to faint!”

He caught her just in time, grabbing her firmly with one hand and reached for her handbag and grocery bag with the other. A few people stopped to stare at him curiously before walking away hurriedly. No kind soul even offered to help him. Somehow, he managed to drag her to one of the many exits and luckily, a security guard helped carry her to his car, supplied him with water with which to sprinkle on her and stuck around long enough to see her come to. His reward was a crisp one thousand naira.

“Oga thanks sah… God bless you sah. I pray madam gets better… Good night sah.”

Boyo had reclined the front passenger seat of his car to make her comfortable and had turned on the a/c. He watched the security guard walk away with a bemused smile. Funny how the dude had automatically assumed that this stranger was his ‘Madam’. He heard her mumble something incoherent and turned to her.

“Are you ok?” His look was one of worry.

She managed to sit up, wondering what had happened to her and why she was in a car with the handsome guy from her dreams.

“What happened? I feel so lightheaded.” She asked him.

“Well, you talked about not being crazy, put my hand on your boobs and fainted.” He replied succinctly.

“WHAT???” Her eyes bulged in horror.

“Quite unexpected and embarrassing but… Are you sure you are ok? He asked.

“I am fine. I fainted? I have never fainted in my life.” Her shock made her claim believable so he shrugged.

“Well… maybe you need to eat something. Look, if you’re sure you’re ok, I could go drop you off and then head home. It’s getting a bit late.”

She sensed the subtle dismissal in his tone but she smiled at him anyway.

“Thank you for helping me through that vague moment, but you don’t have to drop me anywhere. I’ll find my way home.” She said as she scrambled to open the door.

Once out of the car, the incident that led up to her faint flooded and filled her with shame. She walked away quickly, forgetting her handbag and groceries in his car. She was already out of the parking lot and was waiting impatiently for a Keke Marwa when his car pulled up in front of her and his windows came down.

“You forgot your handbag and groceries.” He told her with a smile.

“Shit!!!” She muttered in frustration.

With more suppressed curses, she opened the door, picked up her stuff from the front seat, slammed the door shut and smiled at him.

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry for the embarrassment.”

Her shame was evident in her tone. She expected him to drive off but he didn’t. He just sat there, looking at her as if trying to form a sentence.

“So what was the crazy thing you wanted to tell me?” He wore a curious expression which she thought was hot.

“Nothing. I was hungry and tired and got confused when a handsome guy teased me about babies. It was just hunger and agro talking.” She explained with a short laugh.

“Hunger and agro?” He asked, then burst into laughter. She smiled and shook her head.

“Goodnight” she muttered before walking away hurriedly.

He watched her from the rearview mirror as she headed dove into a Keke Marwa. With a sigh, he drove off and found himself smiling broadly as he replayed the incident at ShopRite in his head.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Boyo woke up tired, weak and unbelievably horny. He hadn’t had any wet dream since he was fourteen but last night’s dream had been epic. He’d woken up to sticky wetness and had been horrified to note that he had cum all over himself. His sheets were messed up, yet he was horny. At the office, he didn’t fare any better. First, his dream tormented him madly and he’d had to hide his bulge for a better part of the day. Secondly, he’d been unable to find his wallet. He suspected that he might have left it at home that morning. There was no money in it save for his several ATM cards. He needed money to fuel his car and with no cash or bank card on him, he’d had to borrow from a colleague. He hated having to borrow cash from colleagues. And then there was the issue of his recurring thought about his dream and the girl that featured heavily in it. He wasn’t one to get too caught up with women, especially the ones he hardly knew, but thoughts about the strange observer-fainting babe refused to let him be. He shut his eyes and all he saw was her cum-face. In silence, he heard her moans from his dream. His imagination had made her pussy tight and wet and that thought nearly drove him mad. What killed him the most was that he never got to know her name.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She had found his wallet the night before when she was emptying her grocery bag the night before. In it were several ATM cards, business cards, receipts for God-knows-what, twenty dollar note and minty three thousand Naira notes. Unfortunately, his business car bore only official numbers. There were no personal telephone or cell phone numbers on it. The best thing she felt she could do was return the wallet, personally, to his office. She was both excited and worried at the prospect. He could think she stole it and was only returning it as an excuse to see him. Or he could just think she was crazy. Either way, the worry was weighing more than the excitement. She could barely wait for the close of work and when that time eventually came, she turned into a frightened, shaky mess. From his business card, she got his office address and took a taxi there. At the reception, she gave the front desk personnel her name and prayed he would meet her at the reception, rather than ask her up to his office.

“Boyo says you should come on up.”

“Great!” She muttered with a tight smile as she asked for directions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Boyo didn’t know who Elli Godwin was or why she wanted to see him, but he’d told reception to send her up anyways. He needed a stranger’s distraction or he would toss all care to the wind and go fuck Jumoke in the toilet. She’d been teasing him endlessly all day and for some indescribable reason, her ass had chosen today to assume ‘extra bounce’ mode. Jumoke was the company big-boys cum bucket slash Company secretary. He’d never fucked her… had vowed not to ever touch her despite, her not-so-subtle ‘come ons’… and had almost broken his vow, no thanks to her satanic bouncy ass. During lunch, he’d tried to wank inside the toilet, but that had been a total waste of his time. Not only did he not cum, the effort had made him sweat and the orgasm-less ordeal had made him really irritated. This was the second day in row that his mood had taken a dunk into the pits. The brief knock released him from he thoughts and he groaned out a “Come in” before clearing his throat. The door opened and in walks “The Observer”, smelling like White Musk and looking like a flower in full bloom.

“YOU…????” He heard himself croak and shut his mouth immediately.

In broad daylight, he realized she was pretty – above average pretty. ‘Oh, our daughter would not only have great hair and skin, she would be beautiful to boot!’ He thought.

“Hi… I — I found your wallet… I think it’s yours though… In my grocery bag last night. You’re Boyowa Omah right?

He smiled and nodded. He couldn’t let her know that his traitorous penis had sprung to life – for the umpteenth time today – again.

“So, here’s your wallet… Everything is intact… Your ATM Cards, ten dollar bill and mint three thousand Naira. All is there. Please check to confirm.” She placed the wallet on his table.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked suddenly. Her brows dipped low in disapproval.

“No I don’t” she replied, her voice taking on a frosty edge.

“Why not? You’re pretty, shapely and from the looks of you, educated and maybe, nice.” He continued.

Elli thought about his question and decided to ‘market’ herself. Men loved to hear that a woman was decent and she had been decent… For two whole years, four days and fourteen hours.

“I’ve been celibate for two years now. My last relationship was a mess and left me damaged. I had to stay away, find myself, heal and make progression. I wouldn’t have been able to manage that if I had entered another relationship.” She said as sweetly as she could manage.

Boyo froze! All he’d heard was “No one’s been up in that pussy for two years.” The thought almost made him cum. He HAD to fuck Elli.

Elli suppressed a smile. She’d seen the lust cross his eyes just briefly and knew what he was thinking. She decided to push his lust further…

“Anyways, thank you for for last night. You were a true gentleman. God Bless you.” She turned to walk away and heard him jerk back to life.

“Don’t go… Please… Just… Wait. I’m done for the day. Let me pack up and then we’ll go grab a drink and you can tell me all about the asshole you put you off sex for two years.” He said.

“I don’t want to talk about him…” She replied.

“Ok. We’ll talk about other things… Babies! Women like to talk about babies.” His grin made her weak in the knees and she had to hold back from grabbing and kissing him.

“What is with you and babies?” She asked with a laugh.

“I swear, I don’t know o. It started last night and the baby that even started this train of thought wasn’t even a cute baby… ” he sighed. ” You know what? Maybe its hunger and agro…”

Elli laughed. A real genuine laugh. Not the usual wry twist of her lips or the sarcastic snorts or chuckles she often let up. This time, her laugh was real and set off warning bells in her head.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They had fish and chips. He had two beers and made her drink some sort of Vodka Shandy. She didn’t like alcohol but she quite enjoyed the shandy because it was sweet. Between meals, they talk about myriad things… From relationships, religion, politics, entertainment and then surprisingly, babies. She told him a thoroughly edited version of her relationship with her ex. He told her he was single but sexually active. She didn’t know if to be pleased or scared. She enjoyed herself thoroughly and was horny as fuck, wishing he would take the lead and stir the conversation towards sex so she would know if she was going to get laid or not.

“So… You say you’ve been celibate for two years right?” He finally asked. She had to restrain herself from leaping across the table to kiss him.


“How is it like being celibate? Didn’t you want to go mad?

“Hahahaaa. At first, it was something I did out of anger. I decided that I had been sexually active, giving myself willy-nilly to a guy I thought valued me… and then realized I had been a fool. Then a few months down the line, I began to hear rumors that my ex was HIV positive. Maaaahn… I entered fasting and prayers o. 30 days dry fasting… Six to six… Begging and crying to God to cleanse me from any virus in case the fool had infected me…” She smiled sadly and shook her head.

“Shit! But were the rumors true? You should have gotten tested.” He sounded worried.

“I did. Twice. First time was after my Fasting. I went for the test by faith and came out negative. Then I gave myself a window period of six months and went back to test again.”

“And it was negative?” His curiosity was bordering on desperacy. He knew it but he couldn’t help himself.

“Of course! Turns out that my ex didn’t have HIV afterall. Some chick he’d been dating, while dating me, started the rumor to spite him. Anyway, I looked back and realized that I had stayed a year without sex. I actually thought it was cool. So I kinda stuck to it.

“Hmmm… But don’t you feel the urge?” He prodded.

“Well… With time, the urge disappears. That’s for me sha o.” She smiled.

“Yeah, but don’t you miss the D? I mean… That feeling of being kissed all over and then that stiff D pushing its way into you… The pleasure… Don’t you miss it all?” He asked, deliberately staring into her eyes. He smiled when he noticed her eyes darken.

“Oh… It’s getting late…” She took the coy road and hoped he would pursue her.

“See, I’m not even going to lie… I dreamt about you last night. The kind of fuck we fucked in that dream ehn? My goodness! Talking about it sef has made me hard. As if I knew you’d been celibate, in the dream, you were so tight and wet… LAWD! I was just cumming like a fool.”

“Heeeeeyyy… Stop… Please…” She hadn’t meant for her protest to come out seductively. But it did.

“I’ve had those kind of dreams before. But never one so intense…” He admitted.

She shook her head, smiled and sighed.

“Since we’re playing TRUTH, I guess I have to admit that I also had a similar dream… Well, I’ve been having these dreams lately.” She averted her eyes and reached to sip her drink but her bottle was empty. She pulled the straw and stuck it into his beer bottle and sipped. Her grimace was a sign that she wasn’t a beer drinker but she had to drink something because her throat was already parched.

“Come… Let me go drop you at home. But first, I need to show you something in the car.” He told her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the back seat of his car, they both sat down in awkward silence. Where he’d parked was a bit secluded so they could sit and talk in private. She waited, with a beating heart for what he wanted to show her.

“Give me your hand…” He sounded suddenly gruff.

She stretched out her hand to him and watched him guide it down to his crotch. Her hand touched the warm erect flesh of his manhood and every sense of reason she possessed, flew out the window.

“Oh fuck…” She moaned as she squeezed him and felt him stir in her hand. “Fuck… I want to put it in my mouth.”

“Yes! Put it. Put it in that mouth…” He was breathless.

Salivating hungrily, she pushed down and took him in her mouth, letting her tongue twirl over the cap, wiping off his pre-cum. He clenched his buttocks tightly and pushed his cock deeper into her willing mouth, his hand pushing her head down. She let his cock graze the insides of her mouth, savoring the taste of him and relishing the feel. She moved her head up and down and heard him groan softly.

“Shit! Suck it… Yeah… Suck me… Kiss my balls… ”

She did as he wished… lost in that moment… enjoying his groans as she pleasured him with her mouth and tongue. He began to jerk, up and down, holding her head still with both hands while he thrust in and out of her mouth. He stopped suddenly, pulling her up to look at her face. He kissed her fiercely while tucking his cock back into his trousers. when he finally broke from the kiss, she was panting, her eyes glazed over with need, he mouth parted slightly and a little swollen.

“We need to get out of here. I need space to fuck you. This car won’t do. Come on…. ” he said as he scrambled out of the back seat to the front.

Elli couldn’t move. Partly because she was in a sexual daze and also because she didn’t think she could last five more minutes without a climax. He started the car and drove off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Through the drive, she had been silent at the back seat. He hadn’t bothered to look at her because he was focused on the road ahead of him while doing 100kmph. He drove to Eric Moore in record time and was blaring his horn just outside his gate when he heard her moan. He turned around then to look and caught her rubbing her clit furiously, her legs spread apart wide, eyes closed, her mouth slightly open and her left hand squeezing her breasts.

“Oh fuck this! Shit… Oh, shit!!! Gaddemit!!!!!!” He groaned.

He briefly considered joining her at the back seat but squashed the idea when he heard the gateman open the gates. He drove in like a mad man, ignored the gateman’s greeting and parked the car. The gateman assumed he was drunk and quietly returned to his little shack by the gate. Boyo turned to stare at Elli masturbating at the back of his car, his erection threatening to tear his trousers. Her hands were moving faster now and her moans were coming quicker.

“Shit!” He muttered before scrambling to the back seat to join her.

She was going to cum and he wanted to make himself useful, so he grabbed her breast and began to suck her nipple through her dress. Her fingers worked faster and faster and her hips began to move.

“Ooohh…. Ooohhhhh…. Oooooohhhhhh…” She moaned as she climax and he was forced to cover her lips with his mouth to silence her. His kiss was tender and soft made her melt into him, pulling his body closer.

“We need to go inside babes. If I fuck you here, we will wake up my neighbors.” He whispered in her ear.

She began to giggle suddenly, for no known reason and then planted a playful, noisy, kiss on his lips. Boyo smiled, a warm unfamiliar fuzzy feeling overcoming him.

“What was that for?” He asked in a whisper.

“Nothing. I’m tickled that you’re very good looking… And you have a beautiful penis… And I’m gonna fuck that penis tonight.” She chuckled louder.

He smiled at her and shook his head. Deep down inside, that warm fuzzy feeling was spreading.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They made it into his living room without incident but there was no time for him to play the nice host and show her around. She wasn’t interested in looking around anyway. They kicked off their shoes and began to kiss. In the comfort of his home, he became the master pleaser, his aim, simply to stamp his mark on her. He pulled from the kiss and smiled mischievously as he zipped down her dress, letting it slide off first, one shoulder, then the other… stopping to place soft kisses on each. With her dress off, he stared at her in her underwear.

“Damn! Your skin really is flawless.” He muttered.

She smiled and kissed him, eager to feel his body against hers. Tugging at his shirt, she started to unbutton it, needing to see him naked, just like in her dreams. His shirt came off, leaving him with only his boxers on. He led her to his bedroom and pulled her on to the bed with him and removed her bra. Her nipples hardened in response and he tweaked them softly before kissing her again, this time more passionately… moving from her mouth to the base of her throat before covering a nipple. She sighed and lay back, pulling him on top of her and spreading her legs apart so he could lie between her thighs. While his mouth feasted on her bud, his hand reached down to rub her clit. Her panties were soaked with need and his cock gave an involuntary bounce.

“You’re so wet… ” he muttered and felt her waist move ever so slightly.

His hand snaked in through the side of her panties and touched her soft feminine folds. She wasn’t clean-shaved but it wasn’t bushy either. The fine hairs on her pussy felt like silk in his hand as he caressed her intimately, parting the soft southern lips and letting his index finger and thumb tease her slippery clit. He felt it throb to his touch and ached to slap it with his cock.

Then power went out and everywhere became silent and dark, save for Elli’s moans. Boyo pressed his thumb on her throbbing clit and rubbed it in circular motion. Her moan increased and she leaned to bite him on the shoulder softly.

“There’s no light… ” she whispered hoarsely. “I need to keep my voice down.”

“Fuck Nepa!” He muttered as his mouth covered her other nipple.

She moaned again and raised her hips slightly.

“I need to to feel your wetness on my cock baby… I want you so bad….”

He pulled off his boxers, kicking it away from his feet and kneeled between her thighs. He raised her hips a little higher with one hand and stroked himself with the other. Then he leaned forward slightly, beat her pussy with his stiff penis and used it to stroke her from the clit down to her core. She braced herself with a gasp as his tip touched the entrance of her center. He stroked his cock back up, slapped it against her clit a few more times before teasing her clit with his tip. Elli was almost out of her mind with pleasure.

“You want this? You want me?” He asked her gruffly.

“Yes.” She whimpered.

“Then take me baby…” He said as he pushed into her roughly.

She was wet, warm and tight… just like in his dream… and it took every strength he had left not to shoot his load off. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out for too long so he pound her hard and fast, pushed her leg up and rammed in deeper. He heard her scream out from a distant place in his head but he couldn’t stop himself. He was being rough on her, thrusting in and out like a man possessed, growling with a sexual hunger he hadn’t felt in a long time… aiming for release. Elli couldn’t hold back her screams. She bucked and jerked under him, sinking her fingers into the skin of his back as orgasm coursed through her. Her screams set him off on his ascent to the peak. He grabbed both her butt cheeks and pushed into her deep, pulling out and pushing back in deeper until he let out a feral groan and poured all of him in.

As she lay under him, breathless, yet sated, she smiled to herself, reluctant to let the warmth of his body go, yet feeling his full weight pressing down on her. Elli nudged him gently and he rolled to his side, pulling her close.

“I should turn on the gen… But I’m too tired to get up.” He muttered.

“You neighbors will curse you out tomorrow. Thank God I’ll be far gone very early.” She whispered to him and giggled.

“Gone where? You’re not serious. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. You and I are gonna keep our phones turned off and fuck all day.” He said with all seriousness.

“I’m not gonna skip work because of a penis o.” Her replied indignantly.

“Well… This penis is gonna call in sick because of your pussy. I suggest your pussy respects itself and do the same or you and I are gonna have our first fight.”

Elli smiled and kissed him playfully on the mouth. The loud, smacking kiss that had given him that warm fuzzy feeling earlier.

“What was that for?” He asked in amusement.

“Oh nothing! I do it to you in my dreams and you love it. You say it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside…” She giggled.

Boyo stiffened. He couldn’t believe how spot on she was.

“Wait.. In your dreams or dream? How many dreams do you have in one night?” He tried to sound casual.

“Dreams… I have really weird dreams. Don’t worry, a month from now when the sex between us dies and we become casual friends, I’ll tell you about the weird coincidence between a man in my dream and you.” She said, kissed him noisily on the lips again then snuggled closer.

He smiled and turned to kiss her on the head. He liked the warm fuzzy feeling she gave him. It was like a ‘welcome home’ hug to his heart. He didn’t know why but something inside him was confident that she would indeed be the mother of his children. And that same something was sure he would be happy with her. He was lucky. Had always been lucky. And if his life was anything to go by, Boyo knew he’d gotten lucky again.

“We’re never gonna be casual friends Elli. Never ever. You better start learning to tolerate me for the long haul.” He murmured to himself.

With a sigh and a possessive arm around her body, he closed his eyes to sleep. And it felt just right.


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