Saturday, November 08, 2014

Shan George not bothered grandchild was born out of wedlock

Veteran Actress, Shan George says she is not bothered about the fact that her son, Delnoi, had a baby with his girlfriend, out of wedlock.

George’s 27-year-old son recently welcomed a baby, and the Actress has reacted that the only feeling she has over the development is ‘nothing but joy.’

In a recent chat with Saturday Beats on Punch’, the Actress said she doesn’t have a problem with the situation.

She said, “I am only happy that my son has a child, the other things are mundane. When it comes to the question of whether I have a problem with the fact that my grandchild was born out of wedlock, it depends.”

“Some people don’t have a problem with it, so why should I? I believe that with everything that concerns a human being, it is a matter of their own opinion. My son and his girlfriend in the real sense of it are none of my business. They have a child and I am happy about it.”

She however added that even if she were to have a problem with it, she wouldn’t go sharing it with the world.

George added, “If I have problems with it or not is a very personal issue and I don’t go about telling everybody about my business. Having a child is a blessing and I cannot encourage abortion. I am very happy with my son and his girlfriend and I thank God that she had a safe delivery”.

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