Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Must Read: Quickie With Eseosa | (+18)

“I’m fucking horny… You coming over?”

“Errrrr…. Isn’t she home?”

“No. She’s gone to the salon and from there she’s off to choir practice”

“Ok. Cool.”

“So… You coming? My dick is about to break mehn. The hard on is not a joke o”

“I thought you fucked last night?”

“I did. But I want you. I want to fuck you. I was fucking her and thinking about you.”

“You know we need to stop this after today…”

“Yeah, yeah… Sha just bring that juicy coochie here. I need me some real sex.”

“You’re a fool o. We’re both going to hell for this.”

“Girl, bring that pussy here before I come downstairs to knock on your door and tell your fiancee that imma need to borrow you for two hours. Talking about fiancĂ©, is he home?”

“Yep! He’s prepping to go out. He just got out of the shower. I’ll be right up as soon as he leaves”

“Fuck!!! I’ll probably die before then. I need you now!!!!”

“Calm down joor. You keep acting like you haven’t had me before.”

“Hurry up o…. Or I’ll come downstairs”.

She chuckled and he hung up.


He was naked on the bed, a photo of her smiling broadly opened on his phone. It was a Facebook Photo of her at the beach. She was wearing a two-piece bikini and her full breasts, curves and flat stomach made him want to implode. He looked at her photo and slowly stroked his stiff phallus, trying hard to imagine he was with her. After a few strokes, he sighed and gave up. He contemplated calling her again but held back. His need for her was crazy. He had seen her walking down the road in shorts and a white T-shirt on his way drop his girlfriend off at the salon. Her body was out of this world. She had beautiful spotless straight legs, that heavenly body, low cut and a bright smile. He’d had a hard-on almost immediately and tried hard to contain it so his girlfriend wouldn’t notice.

“Mehn… Eseosa’s body is sick!!! You know her mother and sister have banging bodies also?” His girlfriend said. “It in their family. I really envy her genes.”

He grunted in response, afraid to speak lest he gave himself away. He and Eseosa had been fucking for three months steady and they couldn’t seem to stop. Their affair was initially supposed to be a one-off romp, to quell their mad chemistry but three months down the line, they seemed to be waxing on stronger. Eseosa’s boyfriend was an arrogant Exxon-Mobil worker who loved her to the ends of the earth. Outside the occasional greetings they shared and a few football gist, both guys moved in separate circles. Eseosa’s boyfriend had his ‘Oil Big-Boys’ click while he had his ‘Banking upwardly mobile’ click. His girlfriend was beautiful… facially… but everything else paled, compared to Eseosa.

He heard the slight knock and didn’t bother to put on any clothes. He knew who it was. With his heart thumping madly, he sped out of the bedroom into the living room and peeked through the peephole. There she was, smiling sheepishly. He opened the door, pulled her inside and slammed it shut, turning the key to lock it.


“At last!!!” He said as he pulled her into his arms.

She kissed him, her lips soft under his; her body warm and inviting. When they broke up for air, she began to peel off her clothes, a mischievous smile dancing around her lips.

“Honestly Joel, we have to stop fucking o. This is getting too dangerous. If Benji knows what we’re doing ehn? He will kill me o.” She told him.

“I told you before that we should run away together… But you refused. Its your fault.” He grumbled but his dick throbbed at the sight of her full naked breast.

“After everything Benji has done for me and my family? You expect me to leave him?” She asked as she tossed her panties aside and stood naked before him.

Joel groaned and grabbed her arm, leading her to the bedroom he shared with his live-in girlfriend. He pushed her onto the bed and joined her almost immediately, his lips capturing her nipple. As he sucked it gently, she arched her back and let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

“Men… I can’t even concentrate on foreplay. I just want to fuck you… be inside you… Just live inside you forever.” He said.

She chuckled and took one of his nipple in her mouth, sucking and grazing it with her teeth. He groaned and pushed her legs apart, positioning himself above her.

“Joel… Condom.. You promised.” She reminded him.

“Arrrrrrgggggghhhh.” He grumbled and got up to get get a condom from where he hid them in one of his old winter jackets that his girlfriend never searched.

“Come… Lemme lick your precum before you wear it.” She told him with a smile.

Joel went to her eagerly and stood by the side of the bed as she rose up, knelt on the mattress and took the tip of his dick in her mouth. He groaned as he watched her lap up the precum, using her tongue to part the little slit at the tip of his dick before sucking on it hungrily. Joel shook with need and pushed her head away, hurriedly slipping on the protection before joining her in bed. Eseosa kissed him again, spreading her legs wider apart for him to enter.

He pushed into her, entered deeper, loving the way she lift her hips slightly to take all of him in. Digging in and out, he paced his strokes, making sure he brushed every deliciously wet inch of her insides. His thrusts were slow and precise, going deep, ensuring his dick brushed her clit with his every movement. Eseosa clawed his back, moaning and rhythmically lifting her pelvis to meet his thrust.

Joel groaned and pulled away from her, scooting down to taste pum. Parting her labias with his hands, he allowed his tongue go to work, licking, sucking and slurping. Eseosa’s moans were getting louder as his tongue pleasured her endlessly. Her limbs began to shake, signaling her ascent to climax. Sensing this, he fastened his mouth over her clit and tugged on the sensitive bud hungrily. The sensation sent her reeling into orgasm… clawing his head and thrashing about mindlessly. He got up then, pushing his dick into her very wet, warm pussy and felt her tighten and grip him hard. He groaned and felt her pussy muscles loosen. Then she gripped him again and this time he rested his weight on her, grabbed her butt-cheeks in both his hands and steadied himself. The minute her muscles released their grip, he began to fuck her real hard. She screamed out loud as his hips went up and down, pushing his dick in and out and pleasuring her till her moans turned to gasps.

He pushed his weight off her, resting on his right arm while his left hand reached for her leg. He lift it up, spread it wider apart and rammed into her over and over again till his groans of orgasm drowned her screams. He fell back on the bed, breathing hard. Eseosa panted, her mouth slightly opened. A few minutes later, she sat up and turned to stare at his dick.

“Joel… We need to stop this. I’m serious now. We need to stop.” She said sternly

“Ok. We will stop at the end of this month. I promise. But we must fuck our fill o. You know it won’t be easy. Infact, we have to fish for an excuse to spend a whole weekend together… Friday night, Saturday, Sunday then Monday morning. After that, we will stop. I promise.” He told her.

She gave him a suspicious look then got off the bed and pattered to the kitchen to get water. She returned with an “EVA” bottle which she drank directly from before dropping it on the floor, just beside the bed. She noticed that the condom was off and Joel’s dick seemed to be on the up and up. She smiled and joined him in bed, grabbing his dick lightly and lowered her head. She took him in her mouth, inch by slow inch, occasionally stealing a look at his face. When he threw back his head and opened his mouth in a soundless groan, she knew she was doing something right and took him in deeper till his tip touched her uvula and almost made her gag.

He pulled her up then, kissing her fervently while urging her to straddle him. The moment she assumed the straddle position, he pushed his dick towards her wet core and pulled her down till she settled over his stiffness. She moaned as they fused, instinctively moving back and forth. He grabbed her breasts and tweaked the nipples while she rode him at an increasing pace. She leaned to kiss him then stuffed a nipple in his mouth. Grabbing her by the waist with both hands, he began to fuck her from under, pushing in fast, her buttocks slapping his thighs with every movement. They were both breathing so hard, it took them a while to realize that someone was knocking.

They stopped abruptly and listened to be sure the knock was coming from Joel’s door. The angry “prap-prap-praaaaaap” seemed to be getting louder and angrier. Eseosa flew off Joel and began to search for her clothes frantically. They both looked confused and scared. Joel entered the living room, picked up her clothes from the floor and calmly handed them to her, telling her to relax. Then he pulled on his boxers and T-shirt and beckoned on Eseosa to exit the house through the kitchen door. As she hurried towards it, he calmly straightened the bed, picked up the used condom from the floor and stuffed it into the small bin in the living room. The knock on the front door now was vicious. Joel walk towards it, peeked through the keyhole and realized it was his girlfriend. He opened the door, attempting to feign irritation. She pushed past him into the living room and headed straight for the kitchen. Joel followed her immediately.

“Why were you knocking like a mad….” His question faded away at the sight before him.

There, standing in the kitchen, was Benji with a dark scowl on his face and Eseosa, looking ashen. Joel’s girlfriend turned to look at him, disappointment etched on her beautiful face.

His World froze at that exact moment.


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