Friday, November 21, 2014

MUST READ: Operation Familiarise (18+)

Here is a story by @MissInsayne & @noelnonny (i hope i got that right). Not sure if they wanna start their porn company something like VIVID did with Noel as Captain & MissInsayne as the girl been raped….anyway, enough of my jibby jabber.


The bus slowly came to a standstill as we approached another military check point. At the rate we were moving I was certain we would arrive at our destination behind schedule. Lost deep in my thoughts I didn’t notice the struggle in the driver’s seat until I heard someone scream loud. The passengers woke up in confusion. I was wondering what our driver had done to the soldiers when a uniform clad man jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off the road towards the bush, then it occurred to me…

We were being robbed!!!!

I started wringing my hands; I wanted so badly to pee. So many thoughts started running through my mind,

“My parents’ think I’m in school, what if I die? What if I get raped?”

I then started praying in earnest, if I was going to die, I didn’t want to go straight to hell. Our new driver stopped the car in the bush.

I heard somebody speak “if by now you don’t know, then I’m pleased to inform you that this is a robbery I am sorry about such an unfortunate event. If you all cooperate, there shall be no need for violence. You shall step out of the bus one after the other. Let me have the females first”.

I was the first female, I timidly stepped out of the bus silently cursing the low neck line on my top, eyes down, I stood wondering what my fate was going to be.

Robber: Do you have anything in your underwear?

Me: No I don’t.

Robber: So you won’t object me checking right?

Me: Removing my phone and money from my pockets….”Please take it, that’s all I have”.

Robber: look up

…”Look up ke! Is this operation familiarize? With a killer or rapist? I slowly looked up and “WTF” how did a thief get to look so good?”

He reached down, unbuckled my belt and then reached into my panties to search for whatever valuables he thought might have been hidden while I stood motionless. His fingers around in my panties and my nipples beaded.

Robber: What of your bra, do you have anything there?

Me: No please, stop it!, i pleaded

He goes ahead and feels around my bra and murmurs, ‘Hmmm.’

Go and lie down on the grass and face down. I obeyed, there are already two people lying on the grass. I lay down and started musing on how a thief got to be so good looking and how soon we would be able to leave, then, Behold! Boots at my side!

And a cracky voice said, “Captain wan see you.”

I got up feeling numb and the owner of the voice shoved me up harshly and I quickened my pace and went to where the captain stood. He then grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards a cluster of trees and then I realized his intention and then got on my knees and started begging and crying.

Me: I beg you, please don’t do this. Let me go.

Captain: listen, we can do it the hard way or the easy way. I don’t have any qualms with stripping you here in front of everybody and fucking you. Shut up and get up. I got up crying and silently followed him behind the trees.

“Pull off your clothes and lie down.” Captain said

I knelt down and started begging… “It’s obvious you are educated and good looking, forcing me wouldn’t be enjoyable, I’m sure you can get any girl you want. Please”. I protested

“What makes you think it would not be enjoyable? No I’m not going to force you. You’re going to beg. Yes I can get any girl I want but you are the one I want.” Captain answered my questions in an orderly fashion

He pulled me by my arms and pulled off my top and put his hands inside my jeans and cupped my ass and gently started nibbling my neck and whispered, “I can smell honey on your skin, and you’re so soft”.

I tried to resist when he carried me and put me down on his jacket, he yanked off my jeans, then he rubbed his fingers lightly across that very private place, the friction made me shudder, Captain noticed the way my body shuddered.

He whispered, “I’m going to make you beg” and then bent and blew my already sensitized nipples, they puckered. He cupped my breasts and put them together and rubbed them against each other, he began sucking like a hungry child, doing it so hard it made me gasp and arch my back.

He laid on me and rubbed the length of his dick against my panties and I could feel the wetness sip through my waist. Sucking my ears, length of my neck and caressing my body with such gentleness and expertise, I couldn’t take the torment anymore so I said, “fuck me.”

We were in the bush, I dint know what came over me, i was about to shag an armed robber and i was asking him to fuck me?? I have definitely lost my mind and i wish all this was a dream, i thought to myself.

He laughed and plunged his finger inside my vagina and I groaned. He worked his finger while it was inside me and rubbed my clitoris as well. He finally shifted asides my panties to reveal an eager awaiting pussy all juiced up waiting for that rod to fill it up.

He directed his rock-hard long dick deep inside my wet heat. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed even harder till I could feel him way up in my womb. His dick was so big it hurt a little, then he started fucking me, the pain eased and I hugged him tighter and moaned to the pleasure Captain’s dick was giving me.

He pulled out and pushed back in.

He seemed to know when to go fast and when to reduce the pace and soon I could feel little tremors move along my body.

Captain cassaala oh…. OLOPA oh!!!

Captain scrambles off me,

Me; Where do you think you are going? Come back and finish what you started.

I couldnt believe i said that, it felt like something had taken over me, I was saying and doing things i never thought i could do in my wildest imagination. I tried to get up and grab him but Captain ran off without a backward glance. In the confusion I barely registered the gunshots and running feet until a police man takes a hold of me and turns me around, and says; put on something.

He saw me in tears, sorry young lady he told me. I move numbly, little did he know that I was crying because I just lost the best lover I ever had..

I was still wet, reminiscing the short but overwhelming action my body had just experienced, i was about to come for the 3rd time when he got up, my pussy was still wet, i wish Captain would just come back and shove his dick into me…I want all of his dick…everything, I want to feel him in my womb. I want to press his firm ass into my waist but…. Its all gone.

Time to return back to the born-again innocent girl i was, even my nipples were still hard, i had to rub them before putting them back into my bra.

The memory of the last 15 minutes will never depart from me.

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