Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Must Read: Meeting With The Dark Stranger | (+18)

His name is David….

Dark. Broody. Handsome. Artist. Animator

His was the face a thousand dreams were made of. His body was slim, tall, flawless. And his laugh…. Deep… Rumbling… Filled with mischief and promises of HEAT.

He stared at her through dark sunglasses; deadpan look on his face. She stared back at him; her clear grey eyes narrowing slightly as she gave him a casual, once over. Then she turned away. He watched her all through lunch at the restaurant. It had become a habit. She always ate her lunch here every Thursday and so did he. Thursday special was a Unique blend of Shrimp Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Sauce and Sweet Sticky Gooey Well-Done Ribs. They both watched each other but never exchanged pleasantries, greetings or the annoying “Hallos” that girls were wont to say. He wanted to sketch her… She was flawed in a beautiful way and he wanted to capture that on paper and manipulate it into whatever he wished with colors, charcoal and even computer effect. He wanted to paint her…

………….And maybe fuck her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Her name is….. Ssshhhhhhh!

Mischievous. Light. Cheery. Daring. Manipulator of words.

Her face was nothing spectacular. She was average looking… Somewhat spent. But her eyes were filled with adventure, mischief and passion. Her eyes illuminated her face and gave her a glow that transformed her into a unique form of beautiful. You look at her and all you see is LUST.

She knew his name and knew what he did for a living. She knew quite a bit about him… Too much, if she really wanted to ponder it. As she sipped her cocktail, she felt his eyes burn her skin with his stare. He hadn’t shaved… His jaw carried the grizzly semblance of a beard and she wondered briefly how that would feel against her naked skin. He was attracted to her… She could tell. But he went to great lengths to mask it. She was attracted to him… And she plotted daily on a staged, accidental meeting. She needed a cover design for her new book on Dark Poetry. His face, splashed with a kaleidoscope of graphic color manipulation would be perfect. She could ask him to design it….

…………….And maybe, just maybe, manipulate him to fuck her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How was he gonna get through to her? She was elusive… Extremely so. And he didn’t want to stalk her or even approach her.
How was she gonna get through to him? He was ever so dark, broody and mysterious. All those qualities possessed by Serial Killers.

Both were caught in a delicious dilemma that required fate’s interference.

Fate was on a coffee break, polishing his nails in bright, sparkly Mariah Carey Pink.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He got up and walked out of the restaurant without another glance at her. She watched him leave and felt the sudden urge to write… Sit with him in a dark room… Smoke some reefer… Drink clear mineral water and scribble dark poems inspired by his look, beard, groan and possibly his phallus. She got up and went after him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

David’s strides were casually slow. His jeans rode low, exposing the top of his boxers. He wasn’t wearing an inner T-Shirt so the smattering of hair on his chest was visible through the open top buttons of his striped shirt. He sensed her – instinctively – as she got nearer, the scent of her perfume prevailed and almost made him stop. But he didn’t. He kept right on walking, resisting a smile as she drew up to his side. He didn’t turn to look or acknowledge her. She didn’t say nothing either. They just walked together in silence, each communicating their thoughts to the other, hoping fate would serve as a willing medium…

…While Fate watched them with Lazy droopy eyes, stifling a yawn.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He turned right at the end of the street, somewhat enjoying the company and silence. He turned to look at her and wondered how she could walk in heels so effortlessly. Her breast bounced with every step and he ached to see her how her ass reacted it said steps. Stopping briefly in pretense to get his keys out of his pocket, he watched appreciatively as she continued ahead, her ass bouncing crazily like it was being pumped doggy-style. He got out the keys, took three long steps and caught up with her. If she had any idea that he had stopped briefly, she didn’t indicate it. They walked along, like a mis-matched couple, not speaking, not knowing if they had the same goals, not sure they even liked each other, yet harboring dreams of their sweaty bodies panting while Sia yowled sonorously in the background.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She stopped abruptly and turned to stare at him. He struggled with his smile and turned to look at her too. They stood there, in the middle of a street with high fences on both sides. It was paved, neat and somewhat still at that time of the busy day. His eyes dared her to speak. Her grey eyes urged him weirdly.

‘What was she urging him for? She hadn’t said anything yet’ he mused.

“I want to use you as my next muse… You are perfect for the kind of poetry I write.” Her voice was husky, almost breathless. It sent a thrill down his body.

“I want to draw you… Flaws, warts, birthmark… all of you. Naked, exposed, vulnerable.” He answered.

She smiled. He smiled back. They had an understanding and they knew just what to do.

Fate, after successfully ignoring his faithful subjects, was now writing a To-Do List.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

His apartment was small and a roaring mess. The living room had nothing homely about it. Rather, it looked like an office that had been ransacked by an Italian mob. The mess surprised her. He looked like the kind of man that would have ‘Untidy’ as a prefix to his name but this mess she was standing in was not untidy. It was chaotic.

“I was a little frustrated while working. I kinda lost my senses for a tiny little bit and this happened.” Explained unabashedly. She shrugged.

“I get frustrated from time to time… I just light up a joint, smoke, close my eyes and dream I’m on a mountain somewhere, herding mountain goats.” She said.

“Why Mountain Goats?” He asked, intrigued.

“Well… I hate Llamas. They are like a cross between a camel and a donkey. Fugly beasts.” She replied then chuckled.

“You have a joint then?” His smile was beguiling.

“I always have a joint…” She dug into her small purse and got out a small compact case wrapped in purple velvet. Inside it, lay six sticks of reefer.

“This would go just fine with cold, clear, mineral water and absolute nakedness.” He said.

He smiled and pointed her in the direction of his bedroom while he headed for the kitchen.

Number 3 on Fate’s To-Do List was “Hook up David and ??????”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He entered his bedroom with two bottles of mineral water and found her start naked, already smoking her shit. Like he suspected, she was flawed. Stretch marks defined her hips, cellulite moulded her thighs and her breast, though full, were a little droopy. But all he saw was perfection. There was something about the way she sat, perched on the edge of his huge bed, that made him itch to pull her into his arms. He dropped the bottles of mineral water on the nearby nightstand and began to undress. She watched him through narrowed eyes and a haze of smoke. His sinewy body came to view as he pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside. He unfastened the button to his jeans and pushed it down. Next was his boxers. His flat stomach tapered down to his crotch, covered deliciously with fine slivers of hair that began from his lower abdomen and tapered down to his crotch. His Phallus was art. The sight of it, limp yet ready to spring to action made her yearn to write. She could already think up three pages worth of words and sentences with which to describe his “Glory”.

Knowing he had her in his net, he walked up to her, his eyes dark with unspoken need, wanting her to see him up close…. Needing her to ache for him like he ached for her at this moment. He took the reefer from her, dragged on it hungrily and savored the smoke before blowing it out in a gust. He puffed some more, his agile prick nodding in approval as he inhaled and exhaled. She watched the prick in fascination. Watched it nod and awaken lazily. She wanted to nurture it, stroke it like a pet and kiss it the way she would kiss the kid of her dream Mountain Goat.

“Touch it…” He ordered from a place far beyond.

She touched it and her eyes widened in surprise as it grew instantly, breathing life like an unfolding cobra.

“Stroke it…” That far away voice again.

She stroked it lovingly, feeling it pulsate it her hand, its weight getting heaving heavier. He put the bottom end of the reefer between her lips and she sucked it, inhaling gratefully. He ran his hands through her hair as she exhaled the smoke all over his prick before covering it with her mouth, trying her best possible to take all of him in. He grew bigger as she kissed and sucked the tip, before pushing him deeper into her mouth. She didn’t suck him to please him… she sucked him because he felt good and she needed to feel him in her mouth.

Her tongue was pushing him to the edge so he pulled away from her and stepped back, watching her, his eyes taking in her face and the expression on it. He was memorizing her every facial expression while she struggled to put the taste of his prick into words…. All in her head. She lit another reefer and he handed her a mineral water before joining her in bed. He watched her smoke, his eyes already painting her in hues that seemed to come alive as the smoke created a haze between them. She gave him a few puffs, alternating between the reefer and his prick…. Puffing on one, sucking on the other with equal enthusiasm.

“Condom…” She heard him say and chuckled throatily. She gulped her mineral water and handed him the bottle. His hands were busy slipping on the protection so she pushed the bottle to his mouth and he sipped. She chuckled again, making to move away but he grabbed her, pulled her back to him and kissed her. He sought her lips hungrily, pulling her tightly against him till her breasts brushed against his chest. She straddled him, and kissed him back, loving the feel of his beard against her skin, aching for him to impale her pussy. Their kiss was filled with so much fiery passion that she couldn’t hold back the moment. She sat on his prick, letting out a throaty moan as he pushed into her. When he was fully buried inside her, he didn’t move and she didn’t move either. They stared at each other, drinking in the sight of their individual faces. His smile was slow, wry, reluctant… But a smile nonetheless. Her smile was slow… Sensual. She took a drag of the reefer, gave him a chance to drag then tossed it carelessly aside. Then, as if in planned unison, they both looked up, let out smoke and began to fuck.

He thrust into her from underneath, she rode him on top. Together, they started out fierce, fast and passionately till the blood rang in their ears and their heart beat wildly. Stopping for a breather, they kissed again, tasting, nibbling, delving and drawing out waves over waves of need. She began to ride him again, slowly this time, back and forth. As she moved, she pulled his right index finger towards her clit, guiding it’s movement, teaching him how to touch her in a way that would pleasure her. David touched her little South knob, his eyes watching her face intently, drinking up her expressions. She rode him and squeezed her breasts, kneading the mounds till she could bear it mo more. She jammed one nipple in his mouth, moaning loud as he sucked it hard while fingering her clit.

“I’m gonna cum soon…” She announced in his ear before kissing and licking his lobe.

He grabbed her waist with both her and began to thrust into her fast, urging her orgasm to unleash and burst forth. Unable to hold back, she rode him faster and faster until her cry of release rang out loud and true. He pushed into her deep, felt her clench and unclench as she jerked and fell forward, the smell of her perfume and weed enveloping him.

“I want to fuck you from the back…” He told her as she lay on top of him, limp.

She managed to roll off him, still basking in the heady feel of her climax when he took position behind her, pulled up her ass, pushed her thighs apart and rammed into her, flaming up her pussy. She let out a howl of pleasure as he hit her core again and again, needing his release, seeking it desperately and not relenting until it burst forth, making him grimace and groan as it pushed out his seed and every sexual tension he’d harbored for her. In his excitement, he hadn’t noticed that she had cum a second time and was only just realizing that she was still gasping and jerking in the throes of sexual fulfillment.

Fate was pissed off. Nobody seemed to need his help anymore. Here he was, trying to plan the perfectly orchestrated meeting between humans but will they allow him? No. While he slaved away, plotting and planning perfection, humans, impatient as they were, would take matters into their own hand and mess up everything the gods had assigned him to do. With a frustrated sigh, he scratched ??????’s name off the list and began a new To-Do List.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The room had darkened; the only light, coming was from a small table lamp by a corner of and it was pointed at her. The light irritated her, the room was stuffy and she needed air. She let out a stream of cusses that made him drop his pencil and sketching paper. His eyes were heavy and he needed to sleep too. She had gone right off to sleep, that was two hours ago, after they’d made love. He’d wanted to cuddle with her and sleep but the sight of her, all curled up and spent, was too much for the artist in him to pass up. He’d gotten up to draw her instead and though the work was still a rough sketch, he’d captured her to perfection. She looked up at the clock on the far end of the wall and squinted.

“Its 8p.m…” he told her.

She sat up, her body languid and sated.

“Your phone’s been ringing non-stop. I had to turn it off so you wouldn’t be disturbed.” He said and handed her purse to her. She got out her phone and turned it on.

“Its my fiancĂ©.” she said and switched off the phone, returning it back to her purse and pushing the purse aside. He got up and walked towards her, leaning to kiss her deep, his eyes needing her, his prick evidence to his need.

“There’s something about you that pulls me…. I don’t know what it is…” He muttered in her ear.

“You’re the Dark Stranger… My muse… The flow in my Poetry…” She said softly.

He kissed her lips again, tasting her and not wanting to let go. She sighed and hugged him.

“I’m that dim light in your tunnel of darkness. My light fascinates you yet you’re unwilling to leave the cocoon of the darkness that shields you.

“I want you…” He growled. She smiled and gently pushed him away.

“You have me… For tonight. For the now. We can make the hours our eternity; smoking reefer, drinking mineral water, fucking and daydreaming of Mountain Goats” She said with a smile.

He smiled. A very bright smile that lit up his face and gave it a glow that she had never seen in the face of any man she’d been with. He didn’t smile often and she was sure not many people have seen this sunny, smily side of him. But she had.

“I’ll order pizza, put on some Sia, lay down and let you write about me while I daydream of us on a Mountain, surrounded by Mountain Goats, seated together in companionable silence while we stare into the bleak, abyss of a Lost world of creativity.”

“Sia is good.” She replied.

He smiled, stared into her eyes, kissed her and walked out of the bedroom, his taut butt looking invitingly firm. She got up to look at his sketch pad. A drawing of her stared back. Her eyes widened in surprise. He had captured her perfectly but there was also something he’d captured. Her body was asleep, but her eyes were wide open and looked lost. Not lost in a bad way though. Lost in a naive, innocent sort of way. She loved it. She picked up the pencil and scribbled a heading at the top of the drawing…


Then she returned to the bed, lit up a reefer and inhaled.

“Reefer, Mineral Water, Sia… Lucky coincidence or Fate?” She mused with a smile.

Fate glared at her from somewhere above and grumbled. “I had absolutely nothing to do with this Elisa. You’re on your own!!!!”


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