Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Joe and Comfort drove home in silence, each filled with unpleasant thoughts. Their dinner date with the Okoguns, which used to be an event they look forward to, had turned into some kind of twisted Jerry Springer confession. At least, Festus had been kind enough to let them eat the delicious meal without sullying their appetite with his story. It had been an occasion filled with silence and long faces from their hosts. After the meal, Joe couldn’t hide his curiosity anymore. He asked his long time friend and Church brethren what the matter was. Festus had exchange a brief glance with his wife, who had promptly burst into tears and escaped to the kitchen. Then with a heavy heart, he’d opened up to Joe and Comfort and had also let out a few pained sobs of his own.

As they pulled up outside their compound at Isheri, Joe and Comfort made their way into the house and tried to put up a face filled with good cheer. As to be expected, three of their children were in the living room, watching a Christian music channel. Their first son, Gabriel was not there with them. The usual, “welcome Papa… Welcome Mama” greeted them on entrance. Joe managed to interact with his children without any sign of distress before heading upstairs to go check on his first born while his wife headed for the kitchen. Without knocking, he entered Gabriel’s bedroom, hoping to catch him unawares.

Gabriel lay on his bed, fiddling with his mobile phone. He sat up immediately his father entered his room. In a gruff voice, Joe demanded for the cell phone, scrolled through it while Gabriel frowned at the blatant disregard for his privacy and personal space. When Joe was done, he asked his son to turn on his laptop. Gabriel did it without argument but his anger was bubbling beneath. He watched his father sit behind his computer desk and scroll through every file and folder like a CIA agent on a mission. Gabriel chuckled inwardly. Whatever his father was looking for, he definitely was not going to find. He picked up his phone and continued browsing. After a while, Joe got up and pulled a chair near his son’s bed and sat on it. Out of respect, Gabriel stopped his mobile browsing and sat up, avoiding his father’s eyes. The silence between father and son was tense. Then Joe spoke up.

“Son… I’m sorry for barging in like this and going through your stuff without explanation. I heard something quite terrible this evening and it made me a little sacred. Now… I’m going to ask you a very personal question. And I want you to tell me the truth. Ok” Joe pinned him with an intent look.

Gabriel nodded in silence, still miffed at his father.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Joe asked.

“No sir.” Came Gabriel’s reply.

“Do you like women?” Joe continued

“Not really sir” Gabriel didn’t hesitate.

Joe sucked in a deep breath, wondering how he could brooch the subject of women to his 20 year old son. He had never talked about girls with him…. had never bothered. He was a strict Christian father and had made his intolerance of fornication expressly known to all his children. But after Festus had broken down and confided in him that he suspected their only son, Theo, was gay, a weird fear had gripped Joe. Theo and Gabriel were very, very close. They spent alot of time together and even attended the same Private University. Joe was afraid that If Theo was gay, his own son might be too.

“Son… Its not a bad thing to like women. Its actually a good thing. I was against you having a girlfriend because I felt you were not matured enough to have a relationship… Especially of the sexual kind.”

Gabriel shifted uncomfortably. He did not like where the conversation was going and was not sure any comment from him would be appreciated, so he kept mum and stared at the floor.

“Son, look at me…” Joe demanded.

Gabriel sucked in a deep breath and looked up at his father.

“Have you… Errr… Ahem… Have — Have you been with a woman before?” Joe asked, trying hard to push back his embarrassment.

Gabriel couldn’t voice his reply, so he shook his head in the negative.

“What about… Have you been… Is… You know what? Forget about it ok? I — I’m sure you wouldn’t do anything that would incur God’s wrath. Remember why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed… Sodomy is an abomination in the sight of God.” He lapsed into silence and watched his son. The young man was looking down, silent as a mouse.

Joe sighed and offered up a quiet prayer of supplication to God.

“Your mother is back. You should go downstairs to greet her. Then tell your brother and sisters that we will be having evening devotion really early today. Ok?” Joe said as he headed for the door.

Gabriel nodded and let out a sigh of relief as soon as his father left the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gabriel didn’t know where his father was taking him and he wasn’t sure he would like the place. After their embarrassing talk the night before, he was wary being around the older man. But he had been curious when his father had called him from the office that Saturday and asked him to take his bath, wear something nice and wait for him. Gabriel had also noted that his mother had been a little edgy around him. The younger ones were oblivious of the emotional tension in the house but he was well aware. At 6p.m. He had showered and dressed in simple Chinos Pants and a short-sleeved sky blue shirt with sensible brown loafers. He sat down in his room, wondering what his father had in mind. He thought about his father’s strange behavior the night before and wondered if it had anything to do with Theo and the rumor swirling around him. He’d heard the rumors in school but he had never asked Theo about them. It was none of his business. Now, with his father’s bizarre behavior, Gabriel knew it was time to start putting some kinda distance between himself and Theo. He didn’t want people judging him or questioning his sexuality in any way.

He snapped out of his thought and noticed that they were driving into an estate in Ogudu. He stole a look at his father, noting the stiffness of the older man’s jaw. He turned away before the older man could catch him staring and hoped his father wasn’t taking him to a pastor for deliverance. Joe pulled the car to a stop in front of a nice bungalow, decorated with lovely flowers, and turned to him.

“Son… I am going to ask one little favor. When we get home, you will not tell your mother that we came here, ok? You will not tell her anything regarding this. If you do…?” Joe left the threat hanging. “And by the way, you will do as instructed by the lady of this house. You will not ask any question. Are we clear?”

Gabriel nodded, a sudden worry creeping upon him. Joe got out of the car and motioned for him to do the same. Then, tentatively, the young man followed his father towards the entrance to the building.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Edith opened the door and smiled warmly as Joe and his son walked in. The young man had grown considerably and was now the same height as his father. He was handsome and shy and could not look her in the eye. She offered them seats and asked what they wanted to drink.

“Two cokes would be nice.” Joe said with a tight smile.

She got them the drinks and sat down on a couch nearby. Joe and Edith made small talk while Gabriel focused unseeingly at the Television in front of him. Thirty minutes later, Joe got up to leave. Gabriel did the same.

“No son. I have to rush off to see a client. You can wait here with sister Edith while I go conclude business. I’ll be back within the hour.” Joe said and gave Edith a pointed look.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him. He’s in good hands” she said with a smile. Joe nodded, gave his son a small smile and exit the house. Edith locked the door behind him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joe drove off to a pub, bought himself a malt and sat down to watch football… Struggling to fight away his guilt and intermittently offering up a prayer for forgiveness.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gabriel sat stiffly on the couch, wondering why Edith had decided to put on an X-rated movie after his father had left. So many thoughts ran through his head, all of them confusing.

‘Why did my father bring me here? Who is this sister Edith? Why does my father know her? What was going on between them? And why did sister Edith think he would like to watch porn?’

He tried not to stare at the screen but he couldn’t. The moaning sounds from the female writhing seductively was too much for him to ignore. Thankfully, Sister Edith had put on the movie and disappeared into her bedroom. Twenty minutes on, she still wasn’t out and Gabriel was getting hot and bothered. He had never been with a woman before, had never seen a naked female body except on the internet. He had never kissed or had any form of intimacy with either man or woman. He’d been curious. He’d tried to google but his Father’s voice always rang in his head and killed his curiosity. Right now though, his father’s voice couldn’t quell the moans coming from the television screen. It couldn’t stop his dick from rising. It definitely couldn’t stop the pre-cum from seeping out and staining his boxers. Gabriel let out a shaky sigh and considered calling sister Edith to come change the movie.

As he opened his mouth to call out, sister Edith emerged from the bedroom, dressed in a robe. She looked like she had just showered. She smiled broadly at him, turned to her small bar and pour two glasses of brandy. She took the brandy to him and handed him a glass. Gabriel hesitated.

“Take this and drink it quickly. It will help calm you.” She said.

“Tha… Thank you Sister. But… But I don’t… I don’t drink alcohol.” He stammered.

Edith laughed and pressed the glass into his hand.

“Drink” she commanded.

Gabriel took a sip and grimaced. He was about to return the drink to her but she pushed it back to his lips, urging him to drink more. He took another sip and tried not to cough it out. Edith sat beside him, smiling knowingly. She made him finish the glass and watched him relax visibly.

“Are you ok Gab?” She asked?

He nodded, unable to speak. In a bid to avoid her eyes, he turned back to the television just as the male porn star pushed his dick into the female’s open vagina. Gabriel’s own dick lept in response and he shifted uncomfortably on the couch. Edith got up and went to pour another shot for them both. She returned with the drinks and dropped them on a side table. Then she sat beside him, watching the movie with a barely suppressed smile.

“Do you like the movie?” She asked him.

“No.” His response was rude but it also carried a hint of wistful curiosity.

Edith chuckled and reached for his crotch, squeezing it gently. She heard him gasp in surprise and squeezed his dick a little harder.

“You feel huge… Are you huge Gab?” She didn’t expect a reply and she got none.

She squeezed his dick a little more then unzipped his pants. He stiffened and tried to push away from her but she held his arm with a determined glint in her eyes.

“Stop acting like a baby. I’m sure you’ve been with a woman before… Or are you gay?” She asked.

“I’m not gay” he croaked in response.

“Then relax. I just want to see how big you are.” She said then unzipped his pants.

He was stiff beneath his boxers which had patches of pre-cum on it. She let out his dick through the small opening and it sprung gladly, throbbing and bobbing like a buoy on a restless sea. Edith was impressed. He was endowed, had girth and his dick was beautifully veined. Gabriel’s breath was coming hard and fast as she stroked him, rubbing a loving fingertip over the cap. Without warning, her mouth swooped and covered his dick, making him stiffen in shock. She began to suck hungrily, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could. Gabriel twisted from side to side, every nerve in him exploding one after the other. He had never had this feeling; even when he pleasured himself secretly. He thought and his balls were going to blow up and leave pieces of him all over her couch. He groaned aloud as his pleasure began to build, urging him to dizzying heights and pushing him over the edge of control. Before he could erupt, she pulled his dick out of her mouth and felt hot spurts of cum hit her face… eyes, forehead and lips. Gabriel sank onto the sofa, panting and jerking in erotic spasm as more of him pushed out and spilled all over her hand.

“Sorry sister…. Sorry….” He muttered in mortification as he watched his cum slide down her cheek.

“Let me go and wash up… You better remove your trousers before you stain them.” She said as she disappeared into her room.

Managing to pull himself together, Gabriel sat up and looked down at his limp dick, noting the small stains of cum on his boxers and a few spots on his trousers. He got out of his pants and tossed it aside casually. Then he stared at his boxers again and sighed. He looked around, trying to find tissue, serviette or anything that he could wipe with. The X-rated movie was still on… the actor now had the babe on all fours. Gabriel looked away from the slapping bodies on the screen. For reasons he couldn’t quite understand, he was parched and needed a long cold drink. His glass still contained brandy so he took a gulp and eventually downed his glass. The liquid burned a path down his throat and made him warm and horny all at once. As Edith returned, she smiled broadly at him.

“Are you ok?” She asked. He nodded in response, avoiding her eyes.

She noted that his glass was empty. She emptied the content of her glass into his and went to pour herself yet another shot. She sipped slowly as she walked to him, smiling above the rim.

“Did you like what I did to you? Did you like me sucking your dick?” She asked.

Gabriel was a little irritated at her tone. He didn’t appreciate her talking to him like a 10year old. It was bad enough that he was painfully aware he was a virgin… a semi virgin, if you counted the blowjob… But still, he didn’t appreciate it. He gave her a pointed look and suddenly found himself on the verge of chuckling.

“Move closer to me Gab…” She ordered as she sat down.

Despite his irritation, he found himself obliging her. He sat beside her on the couch, his eyes focused blindly on her neck. Edith pushed the robe off her shoulders and was pleased to see his young eyes follow the robe down past her shoulder till first, the mounds of her breasts came into view then her nipples, with their hardened buds, made their appearance. Gabriel’s dick leapt up again, shame engulfing him at the delighted movement in his boxers. Edith took his hand and placed it on one breast, using her fingers to guide his movement… Urging him to knead her mounds. His hand shook slightly but he squeezed, loving the feel of her soft breast in his hand. He squeezed again and again, lifting his other hand and placing them on her other breast, encouraged by the light moans that escaped her.

“Suck it…. Gently o… No teeth. Just suck it like a baby that needs milk…” She told him.

Gabriel leaned forth and closed one mouth over a nipple, sucking it like a hungry baby. He was rewarded with a louder moan as Edith moved her head from side to side in pleasure. He squeezed and sucked her harder, getting bolder by the minute and needing release for his engorged dick. He unfastened the tie of her robe that was around her waist and pushed it away till she was half sprawled on the couch, naked. He feasted on her naked body hungrily, a tremor coursing through him as he reached down, ever so slowly, to touch her pussy. It felt soft, wet and slippery. The dick throbbed painfully in response. Edith spread her legs a little wider and reached for his dick. It throbbed in her hand and he felt like sticking it in her mouth again, to feel her mouth all over it and relive the sensations it had given her. She got out a condom and handed it to him. She stared at it through confused, lust-filled eyes.

“Condom. Wear it.” She ordered.

Gabriel had seen condoms a million times but he had never been curious enough to actually ‘unfoil’ one by himself. Now, as he tore off the foil, he hoped he wouldn’t make a fool of himself when he attempted to wear it. As he pulled the condom out, his hand shook slightly as he made to wear it. The fear in him made him lose erection and he began to sweat. Edith smiled and took the condom from him.

“Relax. If you don’t, that big, beautiful man will shrink. And how do you hope to do it when it shrinks?” She asked him playfully.

Gabriel turned away, avoiding her gaze, choosing rather to watch the couple fucking for the cameras on T.V. He stiffened immediately when her mouth covered his dick again, urging it back to it’s hardened state. His heart began to pound with excitement as she sucked on him, stiffening his waist and trying not to groan. Then she pulled away, slipped the condom over his stiff dick and climbed astride him. As she sank lower his heart pounded so loud he thought she heard it. Slowly, her pussy took him in till almost all of it was buried deep inside her. Then she clenched tight. He let out the groan and grabbed her by the waist, pushing into her involuntarily as he threw his head back. She began to move, going back and forth slowly, her hands braced on the top of her couch with his head in between. Her movement was slow and calculated, expertly executed to please him and show him a world of pleasure he knew existed but had never tried. His groans were frequent and spurred on her pace, making her bounce and ride him till his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her buttocks. He allowed her ride him, her moans giving him a weird feeling of satisfaction that she was indeed enjoying it as much as he was. He watched her breasts bounce with her every move and without thought, he captured one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. She moaned even louder and began to ride him really fast… her hips moving with a speed that was almost unbelievable. Despite the condom, he felt her wetness at the base of his dick. He pushed up into her, mimicking the in and out thrusts of the man on T.V. trying hard to simulate his every move from his sitting position. Edith jammed her second nipple into his mouth gasping heavily as she approached orgasm. Everything was happening too fast. Edith was gasping in his ear…
The lady on T.V was howling in pleasure…
Edith was grinding on him so fast…
He was feeling the same way he had felt earlier when he’d released on her face…
The porn actor was squeezing his dick as loads of spunk flew from it into the lady’s mouth…
Edith was cumming and whimpering…
The Female porn star was cumming and moaning mechanically…
The Male Porn star was cumming and talking trash…
Gabriel came, squeezing Edith’s ass really tight and let out a loud groan.
He wrapped his arms around her in wonder as his leg jerked sporadically; all thoughts of hell and damnation or his parents and pastors, fleeing from his thoughts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joe looked at his son on their drive back home and wondered if he’d done the right thing or created a monster. When he returned to Edith’s house, Gabriel was dressed, calm and composed and was watching the Flintstones and laughing. Edith wasn’t even in the living room. Joe had been a little disappointed. He had expected to find a shy, guilty-looking Gabriel, who would be anxious to leave. Instead, his son appeared normal. He began to wonder if Edith had done what he’d paid her to do. He didn’t want to ask any questions… was too ashamed to even get any form of confirmation so he’d called out for Edith, thanked her for the hospitality and headed for the door with Gabriel in tow. He had turned back unexpectedly… on a whim… and had caught a silent interchange between Gabriel and Edith. His 20year old, right then, had not looked so calm and innocent. He had looked like a man who knew the pleasures a woman’s body could give and was willing to explore such pleasures to the very end. The brazen lust in Gabriel’s eyes had stunned him and the shy smile or promise Edith had given him was testimony enough that she had indeed kept to their bargain. Joe stole a look at his son again, wondering if he could ever cross the threshold of Christian civility with him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gabriel stared out of the window, wondering if his father had set him up to get laid, or if Edith had seduced him of her own freewill. Either way, the experience had been both sexually exhilarating and morally exasperating. Either way, he knew for certain that he would see Edith again and when he did, he was gonna show her that he learned fast… and learned well. He smiled to himself and stole a look at his father. The old man looked lost in thought and had a deep furrow between his brows. The furrow only ever showed when he was deeply worried. He felt a little sympathy for his father.


“Yes son…?” Joe answered.

“Should I tell Mama that we went for House Fellowship? Or Christian Men’s Business Dinner?” Gabriel asked innocently.

Joe smiled at his son. Then chuckled. Gabriel chuckled too. And then they both laughed. The first laugh Father and son had shared in ten years.


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