Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MUST READ| How I Slept With My Friend. | +18

I receive this today and i decided to share with my readers.... Share your thoughts after the post
This happened after I told my best friend that I had met some other girl and fallen in love with her.

I came downstairs that night to find her on the couch crying. My heart melted with tenderness and I sat down beside her, hugging her and stroking her hair, telling her everything would be alright. She eventually quietened down and lay on the couch with her head in my lap. We talked quietly about what could have been while I stroked her hair gently. I moved down to her shoulders and then her back. All this time we were still talking, trying to pretend that everything was still normal. I decided to make a move for it and then pulled her semi upright and then kissed her. The way she kissed me back, it was obvious that this was what she wanted. I knew this was just because of her emotional state, so I really didn’t want to take advantage of her. I disengaged my lips from hers and laid her head back in my lap, and we resumed talking, but now my hands, not under my control anymore, wandered down to her full, ripe hips. She whimpered in that way women do when they want to get fucked really bad and buried her head in my lap. Of course, by this time I was rock hard and she could feel it. She unzipped my jeans, brought my cock out and began to lick and suck it. I couldn’t believe she was doing this because she’d told me she hated blow jobs. But soon I couldn’t think about that anymore because she was licking and sucking it like her life depended on it. By this time, my hands were under her dress, caressing her lovely thighs and also her round ass.

I couldn’t take it anymore after a while and pulled her upright. We exchanged deep passionate kisses, with me exploring her mouth with my tongue and sucking on her delicious lips. I got off the couch, kneeling on the ground, and pulled her dress off in one motion over her head. She was beautiful, those full breasts of hers spilling out of her bra. I unsnapped the bra and went to lunch on her hard nipples. She was letting out this deep moans with every new thing I did. In the back of my head I was worried someone in the house would hear, but I didn’t care. I moved lower, kissing her stomach and then lower to her secret place. I pulled the panties to one side and kissed her gently, tentatively on her pussy. The way she gasped and arched her back, I knew that she wanted this, even more than me (if that was possible). I pulled her panties off and buried my head in her hot wet pussy, licking and sucking every inch of her. Her legs started shaking and she started crying my name. I unsnapped my belt, pulled down my pants and boxers and slid deep into her. She was ready for me, dripping wet, grabbing my ass, pulling me deeper into her. I began to fuck her, bending down to kiss her mouth, moving down to her breasts. She was gasping and grunting with every thrust. In a few minutes, she began to shake again, saying “I’m coming, I’m coming”. I couldn’t believe she was cumming so fast and so I said, “I’m not done yet, I’m going to fuck you all night. ” (Yeah right!) This seemed to turn her on even more and she let out this tiny scream and I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock as she came. I fucked her right through her orgasm, caressing her breasts and stomach as I continued to fuck her. I felt myself getting close, so I warned her, “I think I’m going to come”, wanting to pull out just before I came, not wanting to come in her. She grabbed my ass, and said “Don’t stop!”. I kept fucking her, warning her as I got closer to the edge, “I’m going to come deep inside you. I’m going to come deep inside your pussy. ” Just hearing that made her scream, and grab my ass even harder, crying “Give it to me, cum deep inside me. Give it to me! Make me pregnant!” This drove me over the edge and I came deep inside her, and with every spurt she squealed, shuddering against me. I buried my head in her breasts when it was over, raising my head to kiss her gently. “I love you”, she said. I kissed her quiet and took her to the room. We talked quietly until she fell asleep.

I left the room and went to bed, the unbearable heaviness of guilt crushing me until sleep brought sweet relief. In the morning, though, the heaviness was back.

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