Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Must Read: Danny's Big "D" (+18)

It looks like once again, her orgasm was her own damn business.

She sighed loudly as Yemi pulled out of her and laid on the bed, breathing heavily.

“That was amazing, Titi. Was it good for you?” He asked her.

He does this every time after sex. Like he wanted some sort of scores sheet. Or maybe he wanted some reassurance that his less-than-average sized dick worked for her.

And every time, she lied.

“It was great honey. You always rock my world.” She said, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

Yemi smiled, gave a loud yawn and closed his eyes.

She loved him. She really did. And outside of the bedroom, their relationship was almost perfect. They have been dating for over a year and she enjoyed hanging out with him. He made her laugh and he excites her. Well, except when it comes to sex. Titi knew he tries his best, but damn, she would kill for a big, fat cock right about now.

She decided to settle for her big, fat, vibrator.

As she reached for the bedside drawer to retrieve it, she heard the knock on the door.

She checked the clock. 9 pm. Who could that be?

She dragged her naked self out of the bed and bent to pick up the red silky nighty that Yemi loved to see her in.

As she headed to the main door, she caught a reflection of herself through the mirror.

Her big brown eyes, luscious lips a long legs were some of her best assets.

‘Who is there?” She called out upon reaching the main door

“It’s Danny,” a voice called back.

Danny is the next door neighbour. A very shy and quiet young man. Titi often wondered how someone so good looking could be so timid.

“Hi Dan.” She said as she opened the door. “Whats up”

“Hey. I was wondering if I could borrow your BB charger, mine crapped out on me an hour ago.”

“Oh, okay.” She went in to get it.

“But you should know, my charger acts funny sometimes. You have to plug it just right or it will keep tripping of and on.” She told him as she returned. “You know what, let me just come with you so I can help you plug it in”

“Oh cool. Great.” Danny said with a smile.

In Danny’s living room, Titi proceeded to plug the charger into his extension box. As she bent over, she felt an odd breeze that reminded her that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She stood up to adjust her nightwear and caught Danny’s eyes gazing at her behind. She smiled to herself and bent over to continue attempting to help him charge his phone. She stole a quick glance at Danny. His eyes were, as she expected, still on her ass. But what took her breath away was his growing erection. She promptly dropped what she was doing and stood up as she noticed it. The motion caused Danny to realize that he had been lost staring at his hot neighbour’s ass.

“ohh… uhmm.. sorry. Are you done?” He asked her, hoping she didn’t notice his lustful stare.

Titi ignored him. She was so horny, she unashamedly kept staring at the bulge in his shorts. Like some dazed freak, she reached her hand under her nightie to stroke herself. She was dripping wet. No surprise there. She wondered how long Yemi would be asleep. She wondered if she can persuade Dan to take off his shorts. She wondered how long before her already weak knees gave way. It was getting too difficult to stand as desire took over her.

Danny watched her as she stroked her pussy beneath herself as she watched his dick. His breath caught in his throat as she walked towards him. She gently unzipped his short and pulled it down. Before he could say anything, her mouth was on him.

His cock was bigger than she thought. And the more she sucked and licked, it kept getting bitter. She wanted him to fuck her. She needed him to fill her with the huge cock and tear her pussy with it. She led Danny’s hands to her breasts. He needed no telling twice as he began stroking the two beautiful mounds on her chest. Titi moaned. She grabbed his cock and began eagerly working it with her hands.

She turned her back to him, Took off her dress, bent over and with legs wide apart, she moaned.

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard. You know you want to. Stick that large cock in and make me cum harrrrd.”

He did. he grabbed her ass and slid slowly inside her. She moaned even louder as he filled her in a way no other guy ever did. She bit her lips to keep from screaming as he began to fuck her hard.

Danny held on tight to the sexy ass and continued fucking her so damn hard, she was shaking with pleasure. She wanted more. She wanted him to hurt her and she let him know it.

Danny spanked her hard. Dug his nails into her butt and was rewarded by her satisfied moan. She begged him to keep going.

“Fuck me! Make it hurt! Pull my hair!.”

He did as he was told. The sounds she made turned him on so badly that he was feeling his dick throbbing with pleasure inside her. He felt her cum hard around his dick. He felt the waves and waves of orgasm that overtook her and it became too much to bear.

Reaching to feel those breasts one more time, he gave in to his own urgent climax.


As she sneaked back into bed beside her man, Titi could still feel the sweet. sweet, after effect of being fucked by a big, strong dick. She knew she would knock on his door again. She knew she would let Danny do naughty things to her and she would do freaky things to him too. This is just the beginning. She would keep her amazing boyfriend while getting the good dick from her next door neighbour.

Who says a girl can’t have it all?

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