Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BBAHOTSHOTS: Tayo Breaks Down Over Level Of 'Beefing' He Gets

Without even being nominated, Tayo is feeling the pressure of the game. He broke down in the diary room yesterday, telling Big Brother that he was just trying to be himself and was not playing any games yet he could not tell who else was being sincere.

His depression was sparked by the drumming incident with Macky2, and he tried to iron out the situation with the Zambian rapper, with Trezagah acting as their go-between. Although the fists did not fly no one could see eye to eye.

Macky2 tried to impress upon Tayo that housemates could not run away from the fact that people in the house would play one another in order to frustrate them. He added that when one tried to distract other housemates from their game, they were playing a dirty game. Although others viewed him as short-tempered, Tayo said he was not playing any games and he wished they could sit down and try to understand cultural differences, as maybe this was where misunderstandings were coming from. He highlighted that whatever he said to fellow housemates was what he would have said to them, whether or not they were in the house

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