Thursday, November 20, 2014

ALBUM REVIEW: PSquare – Double Trouble

It was an uncertain Monday morning, but one thing that was sure I was buying, PSquare's "Double Trouble" album which has made so much buzz on every social media. I went to four different stores and they all said the same " The album was sold out". So I said to myself this album must be really great .

It was PSquare's 6th studio album titled "Double Trouble" that had big names like DonJazzy , T.I, Dave Scott , Awilo , Jermaine Jackson. The first thing that caught my attention was the mixing and mastering of the songs which defined clarity from an excellent angle . The sound quality was obviously foreign but lost the vibez we knew the duo for.

The boys are getting richer by day, so what do you expect? They tried to bring back the youthful expressions in some of their songs but still, the energy was blank. Like they said the album had its specific market . It's for the chilling men.

Lyrically,  'Double Trouble' was a little bit too Igboish and lacked depth but its PSquare now, give them a break, they already have kids.LOL. The duo kept every song on low tempo with some foreign feel which shows their intention. "The foreign market" .

"Collabo" is another great song that was included on the album. Big ups to Don Jazzy. He is music, not a music producer . Well, the Album is a great one but not energetic PSquare we all knew.

Rating this album, I will rate it average, 3.5 over 6 because for this generation it will sound too average, but for the adults, it will be the ultimate.

-Joseph Abalokwu‎

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