Monday, November 10, 2014

11 Most Inspirational Quotes From The Heart Of Late Dr. Myles Munroe


"Purpose is when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish. Vision is when you see it in your mind and begin to imagine it"

"The bible does not say that a man's education makes room for him, but that his gifts does. Education is not the key to success, it doesn,t guarantee anything; it is your gift that is the key to success"

"Anyone who develops his gifts and talents will become a commodity"

"You are meant to be going somewhere, to be headed to a destination. The poorest person in the world is a person without a dream"

You are designed by God not to blend in, but to stand out"

"If you have hope for the future you have true riches; no matter how much you have in your account"

"Hard work and diligence are essential to success, but they require an internal motivation. That internal motivation is Vision"

"Vision is a conception that is inspired by God in the hearts of Human"

"God loves dreamers"

You need to treat your finances as a resource God has provided to fulfil your vision, not a tool to fill your life with luxuries"

You are not saved for the sole purpose of going to heaven; you are saved to finish your assignment on earth"

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