Tuesday, November 04, 2014

10 Sex Things Women DON’T Care About

#1 Being Rough

There is a time to be gentle and sweet, then there’s a time to be rough! Just remember to make sure it stays romantic.

#2 Hairy Chest

Don’t let all the Zac Efrons of the world fool you. A lot of ladies like the masculine look of a hairy chest and even if it’s not their main preference, most don’t mind at all.

#3 Hair Pulling

Not only do most women not mind this, many of them like it! The key is to pull gently at first and never do it in a way that will hurt her. Hold her hair a bit closer to the scalp because if you pull at the ends, the pulling sensation could be too intense.

#4 “Wobbly” Bits

With as much as most women go through in feeling insecure about their bodies, you can bet she’s not sitting there judging yours. So what if you haven’t been to a gym in a while? Use your body confidently and just have a good time!

#5 Unique Fantasies

Some men have a fantasy or two in the back of their heads that they’re scared to bring up. She wants to know what you like, so tell her about it. In the worst case, she’ll simply not be into it but in the best case, she’ll do it! (Bonus, she may even love it as much as you!)

#6 Being Undressed

Ladies know you like the pleasure of getting to undress them. Show your partner how much you want her and have at it!

#7 Getting Bossy

Not every woman is going to like being bossed around, and it’s definitely not always appropriate but give it a try and ask her if she likes it! You’ll probably love what happens next.

#8 Playing with Food

Food and the bedroom might seem like the kind of porno-fantasy thing that doesn’t really go over well in real life but the reality is that she’ll probably love it when you bring some whipped cream with you to bed next time.

#9 Being Too Tired

You probably feel way worse than she does when you’re too tired to do it. In fact, it’s probably giving her a break so it’s okay to call it a night. Maybe you can try again in the morning…

#10 Imperfect Dirty Talk

She doesn’t care if you do it perfectly. She just wants to hear it!

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