Sunday, October 26, 2014

X-RATED CORNER WITH DAME: Dark Nights And Bright Lights (3)


"Hello... Excuse me...?" Regina spoke up, her voice hard with anger and barely leashed frustration.

Joy turned around to look at her and from the slight widening of her eyes, Regina suspected that the fat lady knew exactly who she was. Up close, she couldn't help but notice her rival's features - which were beautiful, by the way. Joy had huge beautiful brown eyes framed with long lashes. Her nose was small and pointed and her lips were full and luscious. She looked like a beautiful, fat doll with her fair flawless skin and full head of hair. Regina's hate for her tripled.

"Yes?" Joy answered cooly, deliberately setting her face in a calm mask as questions raged in her head.

Now that she had her attention, Regina suddenly didn't know what to ask the other lady. She felt like a fool for even approaching her and cussed herself vilely for not thinking things through. A sudden thought flashed through her... thoughts of this lady and Jude, wrapped around each other, making love and kissing. The thought made her boil and she pinned Joy with a vile gaze.

"I know you've been fucking my boyfriend. I know you've been with him all afternoon. But guess what? No matter how much he yearns for you, he will still come back home to me. So please, do us both a favor and get lost from our lives... for good." The venom in her voice was loud and clear.

Joy smiled at Regina. She could still feel the tingling sensation that Jude had left on her body in the wake of their lovemaking yet here was his girlfriend, talking smack to her. She felt sorry for the poor girlfriend and wanted to just walk away without a word but the girl was giving her such hateful looks, she felt compelled to heighten her misery.

"Has Jude begged you to get pregnant for him before? Has he? In the three years you've dated him, didn't he make you go through two abortions? He begs me to have his baby. He fucks me and pours his seed in, hoping I would get pregnant; begging me to get pregnant so he can have a part of me forever. Yes... Jude might not leave you and thats because I don't want him to.He will stay with you. Good-luck to both of you. BUT, I am the woman he wants to be with. I am the woman he constantly yearns for. I am the one who is presently unsafe and has his sperm lodged deep inside me. Who knows! I might be carrying his baby as we speak. So... I might not be able to get lost for good. Now deal with it!!!" Joy gave her a cold smile, turned and walked away.

Regina watched the fat lady go, wishing she had the strength to go after her and plant a hard slap across her beautiful face. Her words had hit her hard and her heart ached painfully as the words reverberated in her head. She had no doubt that Joy was telling the truth and she regretted approaching her in the first place. Sucking in a deep breath, she stumbled ahead, tears blinding her as the sky darkened dramatically in sync with her emotions. At the bus stop, she stood confused and miserable; her heart contracting painfully as she felt her world collapse. The sudden blare of a car horn roused her from the dark abyss that were her thoughts and she turned around to see Jude's car approaching. She walked further away, not wanting him to notice her at this spot. His car drove out of the street, past the bus stop and zoomed off towards Opebi roundabout. Unable to hold herself, she sank onto the curb near the bus stop sign and broke into tears.

She didn't know how long she sat there but after her tears had dried up, she looked around her and was surprised to note that the usually busy bus stop was now empty. Fear replaced her grief as she got up hurriedly, dusted off her skirt and began to walk away from the spot, making sure her strides were long enough to put quick distance between her and the bus stop. She walked on, making her way towards Allen roundabout and hoping she could catch a bus that would ferry her home. She didn't bother to check her phone to see if Jude had called her and didn't even want to speak with him. She was sure Joy would have called him to report and at that moment, Regina couldn't be bothered. Her initial thought was to confront Jude but after her encounter with Joy, she shelved the idea. As she walked, she began to imagine her life without Jude in it and inadvertently, the tears began to flow all over again. Regina sighed and wiped them away furiously. She had to start prepping her mind for the inevitable break up, if she had the galls to go through with it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In all the years they'd been together, Jude had never called Regina's line as much as he 'd called it that night. There was a record 21 missed calls on her phone and when she still didn't answer, he began to panic. He was contemplating going out to look for her when he heard her coming up the stairs. He opened the door in relief and scanned her face as soon as she entered the house, wondering where to begin... wondering what she would say or do to him. But, she avoided his gaze and walked past him without a word. She entered the bedroom and he heard the door lock behind her. An hour passed. Then two. Then midnight. Regina did not emerge from the bedroom. There was no sound from in there either. Jude's stomach growled angrily, a cruel reminder that he had not had anything to eat since breakfast, but food was the furthest thing from his mind. He was in a dilemma. When Joy had called and told him everything that had transpired between her and Regina he had panicked initially but the panic had developed wings when he'd called Regina's phone and she'd refused to pick. To finally seal an already shitty evening, Joy had sent him a text, telling him it would be best they stopped seeing each other. His whole life shut down that instant. He had tried calling her back but her phone had been switched off. For Regina, he had no fear. He knew he wasn't going to lose her. He knew she would be mad for a bit but she loved him far too much for her to let him go. His only fear was that she didn't get too emotional and do something stupid to herself... Like attempt to overdose on pills. He stayed awake till 2 a.m. before he eventually succumbed to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Regina stared at his sleeping figure in silence, wondering how long he'd been dating Joy and if he intended to leave her for the fat lady. For over an hour, she stared at the oddly peaceful face of the man she loved with all her heart, who was cheating on her without remorse. She hadn't slept a wink. She had sat up in bed all night, crying and trying to make sense of the nightmare her life had suddenly become. Her life was morphing into a huge dark emotional blanket, bleak, sad and pathetic. She had tried to pack up her things to leave him but she couldn't. She just couldn't leave Jude.

He stirred, stretched and opened his eyes a little, shutting them back almost immediately. Regina continued to stare at him. He opened his eyes again and this time, he looked right at her. They stared at each other in silence for a brief moment before he looked away and sat up on the sofa he had made his bed.

"Good morning..." He mumbled.

"Do you love her?" She asked in an emotionless voice.

"I love you." He replied.

"You do love her..." She said in a distant tone.

"It was a mistake... It wasn't serious. I was going to end it anyways." He told her in what sounded like a plea.

"She might be with child. You knew she wasn't safe yet you.... " she swallowed the rest of the words painfully as she saw the brief look of hope flash in his eyes.

Every broken feelings in her broke some more at the thought that Jude really did want a child with Joy but she fought back her tears and remained dry eyed as she stared at him.

"I'm sorry Regina... It was just a fling. It meant nothing! No one can take away my feelings for you. No woman can ever take your place." He reached to touch her shoulder but she fought him off.

"Deny all you want. Vow to keep the truth to yourself. Continue with this facade. But you know I know. I forgive you for cheating on me. I forgive you for exposing me to sexual risks by sleeping around without protection. I forgive you for my two abortions which you so shamelessly told your lover... But I will never forgive you for murdering me emotionally. You've killed a vital part of me and if I leave you, I'll end up as damaged goods to anyone else that comes along. So I'm going to stay with you. I'm going to close that chapter and act like it didn't happen. I'm going to embrace the dark nights that you have brought my way and make the best of it. If you have a conscience, you will do right by me." She said and got up.

As soon as she left the room, Jude reached for his phone. He called Joy but her number didn't connect. She wasn't replying her BBM, WhatsApp or text messages. In frustration, he deleted her contact from his device. He had hurt Regina and he knew he had to make it up to her one way or the other. He knew what to do to appease her but he wanted to give it time so she wouldn't think he was patronizing her. With a sigh, he got up and headed for the bedroom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Regina stared up at the night sky with a smile on her face, albeit, a wan one. There was no light and she was seated on the balcony, alone. Jude was stuck in traffic and had called her several times to give her update on his whereabouts. He had changed dramatically. He had gone from his usual attentive self to an over attentive desperado that was determined to show his remorse. Several weeks had passed since the incident with Joy and though Jude had cut all ties from his lover, she knew he was dying in silence. He wasn't handling his breakup with Joy too well. He was trying too hard to overcompensate for his affair but that in itself was a problem. A few nights, she'd found him awake, staring into space, lost in thought. Other times, she felt he was there with her in body but his mind was often far, far away. It had hurt her that he loved another woman to the point of pining but then again, it gave her some perverse joy that he was suffering... just like she was.

The gate to their compound opened and Jude drove in, blinking his headlights twice to let her know that he had seen her on the balcony. She smiled again, this time, in pity at herself and how despite everything, she still loved him. She watched his figure alight from the car and walk towards the staircase. The door was open and candles had been lit in the living room so she didn't bother to get off her seat. A few minutes later, he was with her on the balcony, placing a kiss on her lips.

"How are you?" He asked in what seemed like genuine interest.

"Good. Welcome. You want to eat first or shower first?" She asked.

"Forget food and shower. I thought of something on my way home." He sounded upbeat for once.

"What?" She tried to match his tone.

"We've been together for three years... We've lived together for two... Why don't we just make it official. Let's get married...." His eyes shone brightly.

Regina stared at him in silence, her mind drawing a blank. From the near excitement in his eyes, she surmised that this was what he wanted and though she wanted it too, something didn't quite feel right. She wasn't expecting the conventional proposal, seeing as they'd been living together for quite some time but she had expected something more romantic. Yet here she was, faced with a proposal that sounded like an entreaty toward a new beginning. She wanted to say something hurtful to creat an anticlimax but she didn't. Rather, she looked at him with all the sadness in her heart.

"Ok." Was her only response.

Jude stared at her long and hard. He had expected a broad smile... a chuckle... Some form of excitement. But all he got was a perfunctory "OK" like she was agreeing to a child's request for candy. He knew she was still hurt and could understand her pain. He was in pain also. His unexpected parting from Joy had hit him hard and even as he suggested marriage to Regina, he was still struggling to cope with his haywire emotions. He smiled and nodded at her before stepping out of the balcony. Regina turned her gaze back to the sky, staring at it blindly, wondering if she would ever find the happiness she once knew existed in her life. A little while later, Jude returned to the balcony and tapped her shoulder to get her attention. She turned to him dolefully and was presented with a ring box. Her eyes flew to his in surprise as she collected the velvet box from him. Dry mouthed, she opened it and there, sitting beautifully on it's bed, lay a beautiful engagement ring of yellow gold with a crown of one single diamond, set in a bed of amethyst and zirconia. Regina swallowed again, this time, unable to stop the joy that bubbled deep inside her. This was romantic in a way she didn't envisage. He helped her slip on the ring and kissed her finger lovingly. Tears poured down her eyes as she stared up at him.

"You hurt me so bad... But I still love you so much. I really do." She said through tears.

Jude pulled her close and hugged her, whispering apologies into her hair. Then he kissed away her tears and kissed her mouth hungrily. For the first time in weeks, she responded to his kiss with a hunger that outmatched his. They managed to drag themselves into the living room and hurriedly shed their clothes. He dragged her to the couch and kissed her again, this time allowing his mouth explore her body. Her neck, nipples and belly button tingled with his kisses and though she mentally prepared for the touch of his lips on her center, he didn't oblige her that pleasure.

"I want you too much baby. I've missed you like crazy. I can't hold back much longer." He groaned as he parted her thighs and touched her down there to see if she was ready for him.

His fingers touched her wetness and without further delay, he pushed into her and made them one. Regina screamed and arched her back as he thrust in and out. Jude pleasured her with an intensity he'd only ever experienced with Joy and their lovemaking that night was hurried and heated. For the first time in a long time, they climaxed together amidst screams and groans. When they were done, he kissed her again and stared into her eyes which shone brightly in the candle lit room.

"I will spend the rest of my life righting this wrong I have done to you baby. I swear on my father's grave..." He promised but she hushed him with a kiss.

"Let me go clean up, and get your food. And after you finish, we can go to the bedroom and have real make-up sex." Her suggestion pleased him.

He watched her head for the room, her ass bouncing up and down with every step. He smiled, relieved that he'd been able to put a smile on her face. He wanted to marry Regina and though he would have preferred being with Joy, Regina was the wisest choice. The thought of Joy depressed him. Earlier that day, he had gone to see her at her office and after leaving him out at the reception for close to an hour, she had reluctantly shown up. Seeing her after many weeks of non-communication almost made him cry and hug her but the indifference in her eyes stilled him. She had smiled broadly and told him that she now regarded him as her close friend and had even gone ahead to tell him about her new boyfriend. Jude had been too upset to utter a word and had left her office determined to push all thoughts of her to the left. He needed to wean himself off his insane love for Joy and the first step in the process was to get married. He let out a sigh just as Regina returned with a tray bearing his dinner. She was still naked and as she set the tray on the center table, he watched her ass, feeling himself stir.

"I need to fuck you once again before I touch that food." He said as he stroked his cock and narrowed his eyes at her. Regina smiled and shook her head.

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