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X-RATED CORNER WITH DAME: Dark Nights And Bright Lights (2)

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If you missed Episode 1


Joy - Tall, lightskinned, buxom Joy - sucked in a deep breath in a bid to quell the pounding of her heart. She knew Jude would be waiting for her eagerly and smiled at the thought of being with him. What she didn't know was that Jude's girlfriend was watching her from the building opposite, shocked to her marrow. Joy removed her sunshades and disappeared through the gates of the hotel while Regina battled to remain calm inside the salon. She didn't know why but she could bet her very life that the fat lady was her boyfriend's sidechic. And the thought angered her.

In her wildest dreams, Regina wouldn't have guessed that her boyfriend would ever be attracted to a fat lady. His exes before her had all been slim and shapely just like she was, so she struggled with the thought of Jude with someone fat. She remembered clearly that he took jabs at fat girls, saying the meanest things about them.

"That one? You no see as she fat? Her down under can't be clean. Fat girls are never clean. Too much folds and sweat in unreached crevices. Ugh! The thought of even fucking a fat girl is nauseating. All that dirty, sweaty, fishy smell." His voice rang in her head in a vile reminder.

'Was that a lie? Was that all mean bants aimed at distracting her? What exactly does Jude like,' she pondered with a frown as the hairdressers pulled and tugged her hair to remove her old weave-on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The door opened just as Joy lifted her hand to knock. Jude smiled at her, loving the sight of her even more than he could imagine. She always took his breath away and he wondered how she'd managed to wrap him around her little finger with so much ease. He locked the door behind her as she stepped in and quickly kissed her on her lips... taking his time to taste her, eager to have her naked and writhing under him.

"I missed you..." He said through kisses as he began to peel her clothes off her soft, rotund body.

Her fair skin was unblemished... smooth all around. He unclasped her bra and watched with a smile as her huge breasts bounced out playfully. His mouth watered and without waiting to remove her other clothing items, he grabbed one full breast and began to suck her tits hungrily. Joy moaned and reached for his cock, stroking it gently as his mouth toyed with her now tightly screwed nipple.

"Get those clothes off before I tear them." He ordered gruffly. "I need to feel your body."

Joy peeled off her clothes obediently, her body shivering slightly with the need he had awakened. He stripped off his own clothes and stood tall before her, staring at her hungrily.

"Why do I want you this much? You have jazzed me o, you this Edo witch!" He joked.

She smiled and kissed his own nipples, scratching it teasingly with her teeth as he gasped and pulled her to him tightly. They kissed again, savoring each other without worry or hurry till they were both breathless and panting. He led her to the bed, lifted her left leg and placed it on the bed frame then knelt before her with a hunger that only the taste of her pussy could quell. His mouth touched her clean-shaved lower lips... Beefy, soft and wet... and he began to chow hungrily at it... kissing, sucking and licking her with an expertise that made her legs weaken and wobble. His hands braced her fat ass as she moved her hips in circular motion and ran her fingers through his hair. He made smacking noises occasionally and she could hear the muffled "nom-nom-nom" from a distant place in her head.

"My legs are shaking baby.... I'm going to fall... Ooooooh... Oooh-yeeeeaaah." She struggled with the words.

He pushed away from her, his nose and mouth slimy with her juice, and got up to kiss her, allowing her taste herself. Gratefully, she sank down on the bed and sighed in relief. Jude wasn't done with her yet. He spread her legs apart and began pleasuring her pussy again, giving her so much joy, she came twice and began to tremble uncontrollably. Then he climbed over her and penetrated her in one swift move; pushing in so deep, she screamed out and grabbed his ass with both her hands. His thrusts were slow, calculated to brush all of her insides... Her soft body making him crazy and her moans pushing him nearer and nearer to his release. Her waist was moving fast now, her aim... make him cum, but Jude wasn't ready yet. He didn't want to shoot inside her because he still wanted to eat her pussy. He pulled out of her and replaced his cock with his mouth. He kissed and licked her till she began to beg him.

"Baby please... Please... clit needs respite... Come fuck me hard... Come pound me. I need you to pound me." She pleaded.

"Yeah baby... I'm gonna pound the fuck out of you. That sweet pussy... Gosh. So sweet, so wet..." He groaned as his cock pushed into her again.

He fucked her fast, while his lips covered one nipple... Sucking and fucking her at the same time. Her hips lifted up and fell back down with an agility most wouldn't believe she possessed. As he neared the brink, he pulled out of her and offered her his cock. Her mouth circled and closed over it hungrily... Sucking on it for dear life and feeling his essence ooze into her mouth amidst groans and growls.

"Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!! Arrrrrrrrrghhhh.... I love you... Fuck, I love you baby..." His voice sounded hoarse and filled with some kind of sexual agony as he emptied himself in her mouth.

When he was done, he fell back on the bed, breathing hard and staring up at the ceiling in awe. Joy turned to stare at him, her mouth still full of his jizz. He stared back at her with a smile and watched her swallow his sperm and lick her lips. Unable to help himself, he pulled her close and kissed her deep, strangely 'un-grossed' out by the taste of his own essence.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Three hours later, Regina was still at the salon; her hair newly fixed, her nails done and her pedicure almost done. Her eyes were still trained on the hotel. She had seen several people come and go and had marveled at how many married men and women had come in and out of the secret hideout. Yet there was no sigh of Jude or the Fat lady. She'd tried in vain to stop herself from imagining what could be going on between those two but as the hours had slipped by, the chat she'd seen on his phone and Jude's eagerness this morning had only served to make her imagination more vivid. As soon as her nails were certified dried, she dialed his number. He didn't pick his call. She dialed it a few more times. Still, no response. Tears burned at the back of her eyes as her heart constricted in pain and anguish. In another 20mins, she would be done at the salon. What would she do then? She didn't want to leave. She wanted to sit there and wait to see when Jude and his trash would come out. With a sigh, she began to devise another plan.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He'd heard his phone vibrate but had been powerless to pick it. Joy had been riding him so hard, he had cum, growling and panting. His hands held her waist so tight, he'd left a bruise. Now, as they lay, resting and trying to catch their breath, he reached for the side table to get his phone.

"Who was that?" She asked him.

"Regina." He replied and dropped the phone back on the table. Joy gave him a quizzical look.

"Aren't you going to call her back?" She asked again. Jude shook his head and let out a satisfied smile.

"I'm sure she wants to find out if she should still come to my office so we can go home together." He replied finally.

"And? You should be getting dressed or calling her up or something.." His attitude whenever they were together puzzled her always.

"Joy stop abeg. I'm with you. I'll send her a text later, telling her to go home on her own. I rarely get to spend time with you and when I do, I want to maximize it." He told her.

Joy knew she should feel flattered and in a weird way, she was... but she felt a little uncomfortable. She loved Jude but knew there was no future together for them. She had accepted that they were going to fuck for as long as they could and when the time came for them to go their separate ways, they would do that without pain or bitterness. Now, with the way Jude was going, she had a bad feeling that their parting would be a little tensioned.

Jude pulled her close, enjoying the warmth of her body as they snuggled. She sighed and closed her eyes in resignation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Regina had found an eatery further down the road from the hotel. She couldn't see the hotel gate from her new location but she had no choice. She was willing to wait anywhere as long as she got to see people pass by. Another three hours had passed by and the sky had darkened considerably; still, there was no sign of Jude or the fat lady. She had called his number several times without getting a response and at this point, she was dangerously close to gate crashing the hotel to fish them both out. Still, she restrained herself. A few of the staff of the eatery were giving her funny looks now and she was feeling a little self conscious. She dialed Jude's number for the last time and was about to give up when he picked up.

"Hello...? Jude??? Whats going on now? I've been calling you since!" Her voice was a mixture of relief and anger.

"Sorry... My phone was on silent. I've been out of the office all day. Where are you?" He asked.

"I'm... I'm somewhere around Ikeja. " she stammered, his question catching her unaware.

"Ok. I'm close by. Can you meet me at Allen roundabout? So I can pick you up." He sounded normal, like nothing had happened. Like all was calm. Regina was stupefied by his act.

"See you then!" She said shortly and cut the call before she said something rash.

She shook her head incredulously as it dawned on her that in the three years they had dated, she knew very little about her boyfriend. From the corner of her eye, she caught a figure ambling past the eatery. Peering out suspiciously, she realized that it was the Fat lady. Getting up quickly, she grabbed her bag and dashed out of the eatery, intent on confronting her.


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