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X-RATED CORNER WITH DAME: Dark Nights And Bright Lights (Finale)

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... Finally, we bring you the concluding episode of Dark Nights And Bright Lights. We hope you have enjoyed the story thus far. Here's wishing us all a fulfilling week as we go through our usual work/business motions. Please take time out to read, share and post your comments as we prepare a new series for your reading pleasure.



This time, Jude led her to the bedroom and there, without hurry, made love to her so gently and passionately Regina cried and almost ruined the moment. After her very emotional outburst, he held her, made endless promises of future fidelity and cuddled her till she fell asleep in his arms while his thoughts roamed. It wasn't until the wee hours that the thoughts finally gave way to a hazy maze that gently urged him to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Their relationship had gone back to how it was. Jude was attentive and loving and pretty much exhibited the mannerism of a man madly in love.

She had snuck a look at his phone a few times and hadn't found any text or chat that suggested he was cheating or was still keeping in touch with Joy. It pleased her that he was making an effort and slowly, her distrust and insecurity faded away. Regina smiled as her sisters, cousins and friends milled around her in their nightgowns, excitement obviously in the air. Tomorrow was her wedding day and she couldn't wait. Jude had called her so often, she had threatened to switch off her phone so he wouldn't be able to reach her. They were both lodged in the same hotel but he was on a floor below her and had been banned from coming up to see her. Regina felt secure and happy at the turn of events and was silently grateful for the Bright lights that had replaced her dark nights. She chuckled as her best friend shooed her to bed so she could get her beauty sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jude lay on his bed, unable to sleep. It had been a stressful month and though he was glad it was all going to end the next day, he still wasn't able to relax. The last three months for him had been the most trying, emotionally. Joy had come into his life at a time when his relationship had lost its spark and had fallen into a dreary routine. He had wanted a fling, no strings and Joy was happy to oblige him. What had started out as an adventure in sex and physical pleasure had slowly morphed into something more emotional for him. He had begun to crave Joy's company more... missed her crazy laughter and the mischievous sparkle in her eyes and the eager twinkle she exhibited whenever he undressed in front of her. His nHe had begun to crave Joy's company more... missed her crazy laughter and the mischievous sparkle in her eyes and the eager twinkle she exhibited whenever he undressed in front of her. His need for her grew alarmingly and with it, carelessness. After Regina had found out, he had thought he would stay away from Joy till Regina's suspicions had died then continue from where they'd left off. He hadn't prepared himself emotionally for the abrupt end of his affair and had found himself constantly struggling to stay sane in the face of all his relationship turmoil. Joy had been consistent with her decision to move on. She had stopped speaking with him and had deleted him from her life with a coldness that cut him deep. He had hated her guts... Then turned the hatred on Regina for making him lose her... The hatred had turned to regret, which had eventually gone through various stages of pity, sadness, near depression and finally resignation. When his wedding invitation had come out, he'd sent one to Joy's office, not to gloat, but to let her know he had also moved on. As he'd expected, she hadn't called or acknowledged receipt. It was all well and good. He planned to remain faithful to Regina and if he found himself battling the urge to cheat, he would fuck a prostitute and get the urge over and done with. Jude sighed and settled more comfortably, pulling the duvet up to his chin. He closed his eyes with a sigh and prepared to force himself to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy felt like a cold bitch. It had been a wise decision to cut Jude off; he was getting too emotionally entangled and it made things a bit stifling for her. But now, in hindsight, it seemed her decision was cruel. She knew Jude suffered emotionally and didn't want him transferring his sufferings to his poor girlfriend. She didn't deserve it. Despite her nagging guilt, she was jealous that he had decided to marry Regina so soon after she broke off their affair. She had no intention of marrying Jude but it did bruise her ego that he was waltzing into marriage without pining for her. She stared at his wedding invitation card and smiled. The wedding was tomorrow and she had no intention of attending. But she wanted to see Jude again. One last time before he became a married man. It had been three months since she'd last seen him and seeing one more time wouldn't hurt. She had not spoken to him in a long while and she thought it only right to call him before he finally said "I Do" to Regina. She looked at the time. It was already past midnight but something inside her told her he would still be awake. With a smile and shrug, she dialed his number.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The sudden slice of "When You Hear The Kick" in the midnight silence roused him up from sleep and made him reach for his phone to kill the offending ringtone.

"Hello?" He said irritably, hoping it was not his bestman.

"Heeeey... Did I wake you?" She asked in her girlie voice.

Every hair on his body stood awake at the sound of her voice. His hard-on was automatic. Her voice always did that to him.

"Joy???" He asked stupidly.

"Sorry to disturb you. I assumed you would be drinking with your pals. I just called to say congratulations and apologize in advance because I won't make it. But I will definitely send you a gift." She said.

She sounded so cheerful, Jude couldn't help but smile; all his anger and sadness, forgotten.

"No problem. I'm glad you called though. We can't be enemies forever you know." He told her.

"We weren't enemies. I did what I had to do to protect your woman. You were getting in too deep." She thought she sounded sincere.

"Well... She is protected now. She's gonna be my wife come tomorrow." He said drily.

Joy laughed at his sheathed boast. He still wasn't over her and she knew it. Though he was doing a good job of keeping his need under wraps. To test the waters, she goaded him.

"Anyways, I would have given you a special wedding present but its already too late. " she held her breath for his response.

"Yeah. Its too late now. But thanks for the offer" came his reply.

Her heart plummeted at the unexpectedness of it all.

"Oh... Ok. Let me allow you sleep. Congrats once again. God bless your union. Goodnight." She said, hurt and struggling not to let it out.

"Goodnight Joy. Thanks for calling." He said and hung up.

He smiled at his bravery, hugely satisfied that he had been able to resist her charm. He laughed out loud but was reminded that he still had a hard on. With a sigh, he reached for his cock and stroked it absently. He tried to push thoughts of Joy's naked body away but he couldn't. He was still hard and he couldn't ignore the sexual hunger that was building inside him. He thought about going upstairs to Regina's room but changed his mind. He reckoned she might be asleep and didn't want to wake her up. He sighed and reached for his phone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy arrived the hotel at 2a.m. As Jude promised, the hotel Manager had let her in, despite the fact that the staff of the small hotel had slept. The Manager had personally escorted her to Jude's bedroom on the first floor and had left her outside with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. Jude opened the door on the first knock and pulled her in hurriedly. There were no words... there was no need. Jude was wearing only boxers and he discarded those with a swiftness that was almost comical. He helped her take off her clothes, his hands shaking with excitement. When she was naked, he dragged her to the bedroom, pushed her back on the bed, climbed on top of her and pushed in without hesitation. He knew she would be wet for him and the sheer joy of slipping into her wet core almost made him cum. He grabbed her ass and buried his head between her head and shoulder then began to pound her so hard and fast, they both screamed as their release washed over them in swift unison. As they lay panting, he kissed her with a hunger that told her that he would never get over her. She smiled and hugged him tight, pleased that no matter what happened, he would always want her. She liked the security the knowledge gave her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Regina tossed and turned, struggling to break free of the nightmare. In her dream, she was trapped in a room devoid of furniture. It was painted white, with white curtains and a white rug. Even the ceiling was painted white. Regina was dressed in her wedding gown, fully made-up and looked ethereal. She was standing by the open window, the curtains billowing around her. The white painted burglarly proof stopped her from jumping out of the room. She was weeping in pain as she looked out the window into the room opposite. In that room, she saw Jude, stark naked, fucking Joy with an intensity that made her scream and claw at his buttocks. From the other side, Regina saw herself screaming out Jude's name... begging him to stop, threatening to kill herself if he didn't stop fucking Joy. She saw herself struggle to bend the burglar proof in vain. Then she ran to the door and tried to open it. She hit at it, shoved and eventually sank down and wept like her heart was going to break.

Finally, she managed to drag herself awake from her horrid nightmare but not before her sisters, cousins and best friend ran into the room to find out what was wrong. They got her a glass of water and tried to coerce her into telling them what her nightmare was about. She refused to go into details. All she told them was that she was trapped in a room on her wedding day while Jude was cheating on her with someone she didn't know. They consoled her and told her it was pre-wedding jitters and stress and after a few minutes of kind words and prayers, they left her to sleep. Lying on her bed, she wondered what she would do if her dream indeed came true. The thought depressed her so much, she cried herself to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jude was awakened by a loud knock on his room door. He had barely had an hour's sleep. So engrossed had he been on fucking Joy that he had pushed the thought of his wedding far from his mind and spent the wee hours licking, sucking and fucking till he was too spent to do anything else but sleep. Now, he flew off the bed and turned to give Joy a look of fear. She gave him a lazy smile, gathered up her clothes and casually strolled into the bathroom. He sucked in his breath, counted to ten then exhaled slowly before going to open the door. His best friend smiled at him drunkenly, alcohol oozing from his breath.

"Guy... What's the plan? You want to go late to your own wedding?" His best friend asked.

"I'm sorry. I had a long night... I'm --- I'm... Give me 10 minutes." He stammered.

"I should come and shower here o. Samson has been in the bathroom forever shitting... and the shit dey smell. Guys dey abuse am there." His best friend said and made to enter the room, but Jude barred him.

"Guy no! Just... Go. Come back in 10 minutes abeg. No vex." Jude hurriedly said.

"But why nah?" His best friend looked around suspiciously. "Na only you dey room nah. I be your bestman o. I suppose even dey here with you."

"I say no. E get wetin I wan do. E get prayer wey I wan pray and I suppose do am alone. Come back after. Na you dey delay me o..." Jude said.

With a resigned sigh, his best friend stepped back with a drunken chuckle. Jude slammed the door shut, locked it and headed for the bathroom. The door wasn't locked. He entered just in time to find Joy stepping out of the shower. He watched her dry her body with a towel and couldn't help needing her again.

"I don't know what to do about you." He said in exasperation.

She smiled and began to get dressed.

"You should get ready though. You have to been in Church at least an hour before your bride." She told him.

"How will you leave? The hotel is awake with activities. Regina knows you. I don't want her or her sisters seeing you leave my room." He said with the first tinge of worry.

"I'll be careful. And don't worry, you will be safe. No one will know anything. Trust me." She winked and kissed him on the lips.

He watched her get dressed, his fear mounting. She got out a boubou from inside her bag and wore it. Then she tied a huge shawl around her head and slung the loose end across her shoulders. She slipped on dark glasses and smiled at him. She looked like a wealthy hajia. She kissed him again and headed for the door. Jude beat her to it though. He motioned her to wait, opened the door slightly and peeked out to be sure no one was about. When he was sure it was all clear, he told her to leave quickly. Joy slipped out of the room and he shut the door behind. Leaning on it with his heart beating fast, he unconsciously crossed his fingers in hope.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Regina was showered and dressed. She was still with a towel around her chest and was oddly silent as people milled around her. She'd been replaying her nightmare over and over in her head, wondering if it was a warning or a sign of things to come. As she sat through her makeup, she wondered what Jude was up to. He hadn't called her that morning and she had been too busy with the people in her room to call him. Now that she thought about it, she decided to call him. She dialed his number and was slightly surprised he picked it up at first ring. His end was noisy so she had difficulty hearing him.

"Baby... See these useless guys are trying to get me drunk on my wedding day o. So, if I can't say my vows, blame Kayode, Joe, Chuks...." The phone was yanked off him and another voice replaced his.

"Iyawo, don't mind him o. We are only trying to build his courage with small brandy. Just make yourself beautiful while we drag him to church." The line went dead.

Regina smiled to herself, a certain calm settling over her. The laughter and excitement she'd heard in Jude's voice helped her push the fear of her nightmare away. With a relieved sigh, she settled down and allowed the make up artist beat her face to perfection.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few hours later, Jude and Regina exchanged wedding vows in front of their family and friends. The groom seemed relaxed and happy and even managed to enjoy the moment. His bride glowed bright and beautiful as she flaunted her ring and danced her heart away. The crowd cheered and family smiled at the shared joy of their children coming together.

Somewhere in Victoria Island, Joy chuckled as she read Jude's text message to her.

"Wedding went well. Reception has turned to club party. I'm here trying not to fall sleep. Lord knows I'm too tired to fuck tonight. I'm so going to get her drunk, smooch her and make sure she falls asleep. You've zapped my energy... But I'm not complaining. Can't wait to see you next week though. Love you to the moon and back!!!"


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