Monday, October 27, 2014

Sleeping Naked Is Good For Your Health

-Dr. Black!

Generally Nigerians parade themselves as hardcore moralists and discussions like this is easily frowned at. However, with recent health challenges being faced not just by the aged but all and sundry, it is pertinent we start discussing certain issues irrespective of our "beliefs".

A research has shown that it is more healthy sleeping naked than being clothed. This may sound weird but it is absolutely a fact. A recent study revealed that less than 3% of global population sleeps naked while less than 10% does so in America. It is expected that the percentage would even be lesser in our dear Nigeria because even the little people who does sleep naked do so when the heat is almost unbearable. A personal check showed that while in Nigeria only young people who are under 34 consider the possibility of sleeping naked with a large percentage of them being females in the higher institution. The discovery further showed that young men prefer sleeping in their briefs (boxers).

Now away from all the statistics and back to the bone of contention which is why sleeping naked is actually good for your health.

1.) Better, Sounder and Deeper Sleep: In a place like Lagos and in most cities of the federation, the daily hustles have made slumber a luxury. However, most people even find it difficult to sleep wholeheartedly when they sleep because of unknown inconveniences. It has been proven that sleeping naked actually makes an individual have an unperturbed sleep achieving optimal amount of rest which in turn aids the system.

2.) Loose Weight: Report have shown that rather than food, belly fat comes from stress... yeah,thats true. However, one major way of fighting this stress is to have a sound sleep and the major way of having a sound sleep is to sleep totally nude. The growth hormones in our system is usually more active at night increasing our fatty state while the stress hormones decreases which means good sleep would disallow extra growth in the system.

3.) Improves Sex Life: Without mincing words,daily hustles continue to reduce the sexual active state of most Nigerian men with daily complaints about how "stress is killing their sex". Sleeping naked next to your spouse no doubt raises certain arousals and in turn good reports on inter-spousal intercourse. So it's simply advisable for you all to sleep naked especially when you are in a relationship. Do I need to still tell you how needful sex is in the life of a human?

Well, there are several other reasons why sleeping naked is good for you but these are rather peculiar to the Nigerian populace so I simply implore you to sleep naked tonight and don't forget to warn those around you ie if you have flatmates, roommates or you live in a 'face me I face you' Lagos apartment where anyone can come in without notice.

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